Wolfram Alpha, the Computational Knowledge Engine

Web search has changed manifold in the last few years. Search has changed from directory based browsing to a keyword based search and then a more content and value based offering.

The latest Search Engine in the market is Wolfram Alpha. You can try a search in the box below!

This is a Computational Knowledge Engine. It has been designed to provide answers to questions. Unlike the normal search engines that direct people to web pages, Wolfram Alpha provides them answers to the questions.

The following is an image of search results from WolframAlpha, when today’s date is entered. It provides more details about the day, than any other search engine around. This is not a routine search engine, so you may not be able to find results like you would on Google or Yahoo or Bing. However, Bing has started to include results from Wolfram Alpha and you may see them sharing some information.

Wolfram Alpha - Systweak Blog


*the image, results and other marks maybe/are copyrights of their respective owners. Systweak is not associated with WolframAlpha and this post is informational in nature.

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