What are ‘Netbooks’? Part 2

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Netbooks are small versions of notebooks with screen size varying from 7-10 inches and keyboard size 80-90% of the laptops, weigh 2-3 pounds.

Designed in such a way that computing, internet surfing can be done in a much reasonable price with complete mobility. Definitely memory storage and the Hard Disk storage are quite low. Netbooks are also under-powered but Windows XP operating system and many more in-built functions which come in this small package do not require that much power to run and they are perfectly designed for the job they are assigned to do.

Netbooks would not replace notebooks so early but people are excited to buy this because of its attractive features. Mobility, affordable price, size, weight and the way it’s formatted with its cute look and reasonable battery life make it a smart device to go for. Schools are also taking the advantage of the small sized magical device, the size of a text book to teach students. Kids also find it manageable.


The vision was to develop a small sized, inexpensive, mobile, wireless communicating and computing system. The usage of netbooks has spread like fire since 2007 when it was first launched in market. The demand for netbooks has been accelerating and eating up the market for laptops and PCs.

The word Netbook was introduced by Psion, a consumer hardware company which is also into developing games and other softwares. Later Asus came into the picture with Eee PC, a light-weighted, less power consuming, miniature wireless laptop experience.

The existence of netbooks can be said to have been strongly inspired from the project named OLPC meaning ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD. The project was thought of to provide inexpensive mini laptops at very low prices say $150-$200 to educate more and more of children from poor countries. From the very tender age the children would be given computer knowledge and they would grow up to become young computer literates. Many poor and developing countries had shown good interest in this project viz China, Brazil, India and Thailand.

With a useless keyboard and the cumbersome interface of the pocket size mobile cum net phone, it was difficult to experience an effortless approach to web browsing and emailing with complete mobility. Netbooks in this genre are far more intelligently designed. This was another reason that gels quite well with the birth of netbooks.

With horrifying economic conditions around, search of quality electronic products and its price are elements of serious concern. No one wants to compromise on quality; moreover price tags also should not show shocking figures. The origination of netbooks can be a consequence of the above.

Presumably with the origin of this hi-tech electronic module with advantageous modifications done periodically, laptops may have to take the back seat.

Distinguishing features:

  • Netbooks are stylish and have a very eye-catching visual appeal.
  • Its small size makes it extensively mobile.
  • Inexpensive and affordable way to use almost all the features of a laptop except the CD/DVD drives.
  • Memory space and hard disk space is less.
  • Do not replace PCs and Laptops but create their own niche market.
  • Recommended in schools for kids for imparting lectures coz of its physical parameters viz size, weight.
  • Battery power lasts for over 2-3 hours.
  • Less resource consuming operating systems used viz Windows XP or Linux (Vista is not very popular in netbooks).


Netbooks are small and handy but the small keyboard and the small screen is not always comfortable to work on. It’s more like a toy as kids can use it more conveniently. Children have small hands and the keyboard size is absolutely apt for them. Parents look forward to buy their children this useful device. They can learn, increase their comprehension power and develop the knack of keeping the world under their fingertips. For elders, lengthy typing is a problem and moreover the screen size doesn’t help doing critical office work.

Battery life is too low and disallows constant work on it without worries. During travel time it is a big problem. Although netbooks are characterized for ultra mobility but then the definition becomes subtle as the battery power sometimes extends help for only 2-3 hours.

Even though usage of CD/DVD drives do not come in the daily activity list but we cannot deny the fact that these are requisite features of any computer user.

Hard disk storage and memory storage inhibits routine work on this. People are maintaining notebooks along with netbooks for their effortless daily computer activities.

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