What is HyperV Server and Why is it Free

These days with every organization looking to save operating costs, saving costs in IT too has become very important. Virtualization of servers has become the hot topic in every companies IT department. Microsoft’s HyperV Server 2008 has been instrumental in facilitating virtualization of servers for various leading companies across the world. HyperV server gives good platform for a reliable as well as optimized virtualization. As result of which there is far better server utilization resulting in reducing costs on hardware. HyperV server is actually a stand alone product which is consists of the following components:

  • Windows Hypervisor or HyperV server
  • Windows Server Drivers
  • Components for Virtualization

With the help of HyperV server the overhead costs can be reduced. For instance if a company has about 20 physical servers with each performing different functionalities, the server count of physical servers can easily be reduced to 5 but still keeping all the 20 server in place by the process of virtualization . All the servers can be virtualized in such way 4 or 5 servers are operated in one physical machine in other words many servers can operate with the same hardware components. This clearly reduces overhead costs by about 3 or 4 times easily.

Microsoft office HyperV server 2008 is available for free download in the Microsoft’s website. One of the main reasons why Microsoft offers free download of HyperV server is to counter VMware. Before HyperV servers came into place VMware was a more popular choice. So in order to popularize their product Microsoft strategically offered this free download facility. As VMware too increased its license fees slowly companies started turning towards these HyperV servers. Once they started testing it they eventually came to a conclusion that it is considerably advantageous than VMware.

The main reason for companies to move towards virtualization is cost. It is believed that VMware is about 6 times more costly than HyperV. This is precisely the reason why most of the companies which started with VMware have moved towards HyperV server as they expanded their infrastructure realizing that VMware is expensive. VMware licensing costs are pretty high. HyperV server is now a part of Windows Server 2008 as result of which companies can easily move to Virtualization with no additional costs virtually.

Companies also save a lot of money on training costs when they opt to go for HyperV. When companies use VMware for virtualization they need to spend a lot of time and money on training their IT administrators. There is hardly any training required for HyperV server as IT administrators are already used to Microsoft infrastructure.

As companies start getting into the virtualization mode, more number of virtualization done the more complex will the environment will become. So the environment will need comprehensive critical management solution to tackle the complexity. Only Microsoft would be able to provide such a critical management solution for copping up with this dynamical infrastructure. HyperV server 2008 facilitates comprehensive management of different types of virtual resources as well as physical resources. VMware’s management solutions are not so comprehensive.

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