Where to Check For Free HyperV Windows Server?

Are you aware that it is much inexpensive when you take advantage of virtualization via Windows Server, XP or Vista or even Windows 2007 and 2008? Yes with Microsoft platform, you can save huge cost with hyperV management with the flexible licensing policies too. You can now club multiple server behaviors into virtual machines also known as VMs. By doing this, you can make good use of your investment that you have made on your server. The virtual machines run on just a single machine. By single machine, I mean physical machine here. The virtual machines run efficiently on various operations systems including Windows, Linux etc. They leverage a capacity of x64 computing. If you are using HyperV via Windows, then it is easy to save cost. You must have read articles on HyperV or virtualization through Windows 2008 R2 if you had plans of virtualization for your organization earlier. Let me also give a heads up on the same to you now.

HyperV through Windows server works on the Windows server 2008 virtualization architecture and adds many new features to increase product flexibility. This flexibility helps organizations in deployment and managing life cycle of applications. You can also consolidate workloads thus reducing server sprawl. This concept is used by many of the professionals who use virtualization or HyperV. You can also deploy virtualization using clustering technology if you are aiming at a robust IT infrastructure. This feature will be handy for availability and quick recovery during disaster. It is quiet common for end users to look for better flexibility always. Thus windows server 2008 R2 HyperV offers better flexibility. Flexibility here works fine with live migration as they are integrated with Windows 2008 R2 server and also Microsoft HyperV server 2008 R2. The concept of HyperV live migrations enables you to move virtual machines that are in running state from one HyperV physical host to another one. You can do the movement without disrupting the service levels. With live migration you can maintain dynamic load balancing, availability during maintenance, less power consumption and VM placement.

You must be thinking how much the HyperV must be costing even though we say that it reduced your overall cost and increases efficiency. Microsoft Hyper V server 2008 R2 is available for free and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. This is a stand alone product and hence you do not require CALs. However, you will be requiring CALs for all Windows server virtualized OS or Operating system that is hosted on the 2008 server. Microsoft server HyperV 2008 R2 is available in many languages like English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Chinese – simplified and Hong Kong style, Chinese traditional, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portuguese etc. Thus, you will see the usage all over the world. You may use this at various phases that include Testing and Development, Consolidation of server, Consolidation of branch office, Desktop virtualization that are hosted. You get many other features that are for free like clustering, large memory support and live migration.

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