Speed Up Hard Disk and Secure Data with Defragmentation

What is fragmentation?

Fragmentation means the data is stored in pieces across the hard disk. When the Operating System is unable to allocate contiguous space to store the data, it is saved on different areas of the disk and not as a whole. This leads to longer read time of the files, since the data has to be read from various locations of the disk, due to which overall system performance suffers.

What is defragmentation?

Defragmentation is a method of rearranging the data into sequential/continuous order so that it is easily accessible, resulting in faster data access times and improved system performance. It also improves system startup time.
Once the disk is defragmented, contiguous free space is available so that data can be saved in a continuous manner.

How often should one defragment the disk?

Since data is read from and written to the hard disk continuously and applications are installed and removed on a regular basis, the disk gets fragmented. This prevents storing of data in a sequential manner. Therefore, to store data sequentially, to restore hard disk storage, to enhance system performance and to remove the fragments from the hard disk, one should perform defragmentation at least once a week.

How can Advanced System Optimizer help?

Disk Optimizer of Advanced System Optimizer 3 is a disk defragmentation tool which optimizes the placement of the data on the disk. It is an important tool which is easy to use and defragments the hard disk for faster data access times and improved system performance.
It also includes a scheduler, which makes the task of defragmentation easier by scheduling the defragmentation on the desired disk on the day and time specified.

Benefits of using ASO3’s Disk Optimizer

  • Reduces system boot-up time
  • Improves application response time
  • Extends the life of the hard drive
  • Makes your system more responsive

It is recommended to use Disk Optimizer of Advanced System Optimizer 3 on a regular basis to optimize the overall performance of your system.

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