Advanced File Optimizer now available!

Advanced File Optimizer helps the users in solving the problems related to file opening. It solves the problems of those files also that do not have correct file associations. It can get the corresponding list of software application links that can be used to download the appropriate application software and helps to manage file associations for any file type. Advanced File Optimizer can even monitor and display any change in file association of any file.

Many a times when we try to open a file, we see a dialog like the following:

This dialogue appears because the file that you are trying to open may not be associated with any software. This creates a confusion as the application that should open the software may be installed on your computer but is not associated with the file type.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. You want to open a report that was created as a Document file, with the extension (the part after the dot in the file name) as DOC – example FILE.DOC. When you try to open this file, it should open with a Word Processor program and if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, Microsoft Word will automatically run to open this file.

In certain cases, you may get files in email or a file may get corrupt and the extension of the file may change. In such a case, you may not be able to open the file. Also, sometimes the files are in a format that cannot be opened using any application installed on your computer. Most often, the files that are compressed have this issue. We normally use the most widely available compression agents like WinZip or WinRAR. There are compressed files made available for download on the internet that are in a different format. These files require the specific application to extract data from the compressed archive.

Advanced File Optimizer ensures that you are able to open every file that you get. It frees you from the trouble of going to the internet every time you get an unknown file, or the file association on your computer is changed for some reason. With Advanced File Optimizer, you will also be able to fix the file associations if they go bad and all your files will know what application should be used to open them.

Advanced File Optimizer along with Regclean Pro is the best combination for managing your files and applications!

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