PC Maintenance: Tips

When it comes to PC performance- junk files, low disk space, fragmented disk, cluttered registry and malware can cause a number of issues including decreased performance, PC crashes and shorter PC life.

For the best PC performance, it is important to perform routine maintenance task carefully and effectively. Here are simple and easy to follow maintenance tips to keep your PC safe, secure and running smoothly.Update Windows

Microsoft’s windows update service provides updates for operating system and its installed software including Internet Explorer. Installing updates help enhance functionality of your PC. You can configure to install windows updates automatically, without the need to install them manually. If you want to keep your PC safe and running smoothly, you should not neglect Windows Update.

Back up your files

To help protect the files that you create, modify and store on your PC from being permanently lost in the event of accidental deletion, virus attack or software or hardware failure, you must back them up regularly. You can manually back up your files or set up automatic backups any time using Backup and Restore tool in Windows. You can easily restore your backed up files when you need or lose them accidentally.

Also you can back up your files using Advanced System Optimizer’s tool Backup Manager easily and quickly. Backup Manager allows easy backups and restoration. You can create and manage different backups at different places. Also you can schedule automatic backup as per your convenience. In case of any mishap, Backup Manager facilitates easy and convenient restorations.

Clean junk files

Temporary files, unneeded files and remnants accumulate whenever you install or uninstall applications, add or remove hardware, or during forced system restart or shutdown. Overtime number of temporary files increases that wastes hard disk space and adversely affects PC performance.

Advanced System Optimizer includes a tool- System Cleaner which helps you remove junk and obsolete files from your PC, free up valuable disk space and improves PC performance.

System Cleaner scans your PC for junk items and allows you to clean them up by clicking on ‘Clean System’ button.

Uninstall unneeded applications

Lot of applications installed on your PC occupy valuable disk space and can cause it to run slow. There may be a few applications you never use and do not need them. It’s time to dig into your PC and start uninstalling applications that you no longer use and get back probably being wasted disk space. In most cases, you can uninstall applications from your PC manually, but they will leave a number of support files behind. Advanced System Optimizer will help you find and remove those leftovers.

Advanced System Optimizer‘s tool- Uninstall Manager can make uninstalling process a little easier and faster for you. Not only does it help uninstall the application you want to remove, also it lists all the applications installed on your PC. Advanced System Optimizer completely uninstalls installed applications, ensuring you are getting rid of all of their associated files

Defrag Disk

With time and usage, data on your hard drive becomes fragmented. Creating and deleting data, installing and removing applications and even moving data leaves small chunks of free space scattered all over the disk. A lot of data written on a disk in too many different places slows down the PC and reduces PC efficiency.

Advanced System Optimizer includes a utility- Disk Optimizer that helps organize data by removing fragments from the hard disk. It collects all the small chunks of free space together that helps Windows find data quickly and also it creates a larger area of free space that can be used for more efficient data storage.

Install Anti-Malware

Anti-malware application also helps keep your PC running smoothly. Malware is malicious software which carries out damaging activities on a PC and adversely affects PC stability. It installs itself on the PC without the user’s knowledge and resides in disguised fashion.

Advanced System Protector scans your PC to find malware present on your PC and help you remove them.

Keep Windows Registry clean

With time and usage, invalid and unneeded registry entries accumulate and clutter the registry that causes slow PC performance. When you install an application, a new entry is created in registry automatically and while uninstalling the application, the registry entries are not deleted. Over time such entries accumulate which may cause common PC problems such as slow bootups, frequent errors messages, crashes and adversely affect PC speed. To run your PC smoothly, efficiently and quickly, the Registry must be cleaned.

RegClean Pro helps clean registry effectively, safely and quickly. It scans the registry, detects all the corrupt entries and repairs them all automatically. Moreover, it has the option that enables you to take part in the final cleanup. At the end of its scan, displays all entries deemed invalid by this program so that you can selectively delete items, knowingly deemed unwanted and maintain those you still needs. It compacts, cleans, and optimizes the Windows registry easily and successfully.

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