Optimize your PC for Better Performance in One Click

Is your PC feeling sluggish or having problems such as PC freezes, crashes frequently and takes long time to boot-up?

Are you looking for a quick, easy, effective and reliable tool to clean and optimize your PC?

Advanced System optimizer (ASO 3) is the complete performance solution for your PC.

With the wide-ranging suite of utilities and attractive interface, Advanced System optimizer makes it easy to regularly clean and optimize your PC for better performance. It is a multi-functional utility which includes more than 25 powerful tools – Not only help you detect and fix PC problems but also provides comprehensive care to your PC, saving you from numerous applications and customer support centers. ASO’s Smart PC Care feature provides you an easiest way to manage routine tasks and keeps your PC secure, clean and fast.

When you launch Advanced System Optimizer for the first time, you see System Analysis recommendation, Start Smart PC Care button on the bottom and a list of several modules to optimize your PC in the left panel.

Do you want to know how secure, clean and optimized your PC is? Advanced System Optimizer analyzes and displays the status of your PC’s Security, Cleaning and Optimized area. When you analyze your PC by clicking on Start Smart PC Care button it displays System status (condition of your PC) divided into three areas –Security, Cleaning and Optimize. It displays the status of each area, whether Poor, Fair or Good, depending upon the actions performed on these areas of the system using Smart PC Care feature. When you have just installed Advanced System Optimizer, these three areas will initially display a yellow icon with an exclamation mark and Unknown as the status.

There are three types of Scan under Smart PC Care. You can use each scan as per your requirement. Each scan is unique and differs from one another. Quick Scan is the quickest scan of the entire three scan. Quick Scan does not perform scan of two areas i.e. “Defrag hard disk for optimized performance” and “Scan and clean Spyware” as they take too much time to complete the scanning and optimizing system. Custom Scan gives you the facility to choose the areas you want to scan. Deep Scan performs the scans for all the areas, it takes much time. You can use the three scans as per your requirement

When you click on Start Smart PC Care scan, it will run multiple maintenance tasks with one click and detect various types of issues that may affect your PC’s performance.

Do you want to know what are the issues detected and you will fix what issues in a click? Before you click on Optimize button to fix the issues, you should check the detected issues in detail – click the Details option next to each issue found and it will take you to the list of problems. If you do not want to delete any file or files listed in the scan result- uncheck the box next to the item.

Smart PC Care saves time and makes the process of performing multiple tasks quick and easy. It includes all the tasks needed to enhance PC’s performance in a single click. Also you can select which scans you want to perform using Smart PC Care.

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