Disable Unwanted Browser Add-Ons

In this post, learn how to disable unwanted add-ons easily and quickly from your web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Web browser add-ons add features such as extra toolbars, extensions, ActiveX control, etc. to your web browser. Web browser add-ons take up valuable real estate, change browser settings such as home page, search provider and other settings you do not want changed and slow down your browser.

Where do add-ons come from?

Generally add-ons get installed from the net and usually ask your permission before they are installed on your PC. Some however, might get installed without your knowledge. Many applications that you run on your PC may install add-ons to your browser without your knowledge, or you click through the installation too fast and don’t realize that you accepted installation of the add-ons.

How to disable unwanted browser add-ons?

Most web browsers do not provide an easy way to disable the unwanted add-ons. You can quickly and easily disable the browser add-ons using Browser Cleaner- a feature of Advanced System Protector. To use this feature click on Protection tab and then click on Browser Cleaner, it will scan your PC and display a list of browser add-ons. Just uncheck the box next to the add-on you want to disable and click on Apply button. It will disable that add-on/add-ons and help improve your browser performance.

Browser Cleaner - Advanced System Protector

Browser Cleaner Scan Process - Advanced System Protector

Browser Cleaner - Disable unwanted add-ons

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