How to Find and Remove Duplicate files

Duplicate files are copies of original files which are saved on the system unintentionally. You may be unaware that a file may have multiple copies on your PC. Over time, the bulk of multiple copies become voluminous. Not only extra hard disk space is consumed because of this, the data access time also increases. Most importantly, this may lead to a lot of confusion and cause human errors.

Duplicate Files Remover – an effective tool of Advanced System Optimizer identifies duplicate files easily and allows you to remove them safely. You can locate duplicate files on your hard drive manually too, but searching all the duplicate files manually is a difficult, tedious and time consuming task.

Removing duplicate files on your PC will help you:

  • Recover wasted disk space
  • Reduce backup time and media
  • Reduce file searching time

Using Duplicate Files Remover, it’s easy to identify duplicate files on your PC. To analyze your PC for duplicate files launch Duplicate Files Remover.

simply by clicking on ‘Select Location Now’ button, in the new window that opens; you can browse through the Windows Explorer and select files or folders to be scanned for duplicate files.

You can select the item from the list box and click on the arrow button to include it in the list of items to be scanned.

An edit box is also given below the list box where you can paste the desired path to be scanned and click on “Add to List”.

To start the process of scanning, click on the ‘Scan Now’ button in the bottom right corner.

The specified locations in the last step are thoroughly scanned and analyzed in this step. The scanning progress is displayed corresponding to each specified location. At any time, the scan can be stopped by clicking on ‘Stop Scan’ button.

Identified duplicate files by Duplicate Files Remover are grouped according to the file matching criteria and displayed in the tabular format.

Each group will have the original copy of the file along with the duplicate copies. It is up to the user to opt for files to be deleted from each group and the list.

For convenience, the scan results are also divided into five different categories – All, Images, Music, Video, Documents, Compressed. Each category will consist of duplicate files related to the category e.g. the duplicate image files will be displayed under the Images category.

Two options are given when you right-click on any item, “View File” and “Open File Location”.

  • View File –The content of the selected file can be viewed clicking on this option.
  • Open File Location –This option will help you to open the file location of the selected file.

The duplicate files to be deleted can be selected from the list. The cleaning process will follow by clicking on the ‘Remove Duplicates’ button. Before removing any duplicate, make sure that the original copy is not deleted.

With easy to use tool, Duplicate Files Remover is one of the best ways to clear out duplicate files from your PC!

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    Anand December 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm I was searching for How To Find Duplicate Files. But your article is the best. Thanks for sharing.
    Waren Sands March 7, 2014 at 8:11 pm is there a way of removing duplicate file all at once I have 54,678 of them and its taking forever to remove them

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