What’s slowing down your PC Startup?

 There are many causes that result in your PC starting up slower than expected. Mostly it happens if you have a large amount of startup items, many applications set to automatically start when you start your PC. You may not require all applications to run automatically. The required items should be there in the startup list, others you can remove, that will make your PC boot a little faster.

You can optimize your startup using Advanced System Optimizer’s Startup Manager and increase the boot up speed. It helps you manage and organize your startup items easily and effectively. Startup Manager lets you tweak your startup settings so that you decide what applications should load up prior to the machine actually being usable, making boot times considerably faster.

Most of us have several applications that load up with each boot, and it is frustrating to wait for each one to load up whenever you start/restart the PC. Startup Manager makes it easy for you to choose what applications start up with your PC and remove the ones which you actually do not require.

How it works

Launch Advanced System Optimizer, click on Regular Maintenance feature from the left panel and you can see Startup Manger in the right panel. When you launch Startup Manger for the first time, you are presented with this screen:

Here, the total number of startup items is displayed in the left panel which is also divided as per user account settings – All users and Current User. Startup items under All Users refer to the number of common startup programs for all user logins. Startup items under Current User refer to the number of startup programs for the user currently logged in.

When you click on Manage Startup button, you can see the list of programs that run at startup. There are four buttons in the bottom of this screen. Each button lets you perform a different action.

When you click Refresh button it will display recently added applications to the startup list.

Add button allows you to add applications to the startup list that you wish to start at startup time.

When you click on Add button, a window will open where you can add a new program to startup and set its settings and use Browse button to add an application to the startup list.

Program settings have options:

  • To choose to start the added startup item with each boot automatically for your user login only.
  • And to choose to start the added startup item with each boot automatically for your all user logins.

Also you can:

  • Choose to start the added startup item with each boot automatically
  • Choose to start the added startup item just once with next boot automatically.

Remove button allows you to remove the listed startup items. You can select a particular program for removal by clicking on the item in the list and then clicking on “Remove”.

Disable button allows you to disable listed startup items. These items remain in the startup list but do not run at startup. It is similar to Remove option but the difference is that you don’t need to add it again in future if you tend to run the same program at startup.

Each application that loads up with startup occupies certain volume of memory. With Startup Manager, you can easily disable or remove the startup items that are not required and keep on running in the background for faster boot up.

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