Back Up your data with Backup Manager

Can you imagine losing all your files, copies of your project on which you’re working for months, photos of real fun or special moments? What if something happens to your valuable PC like PC failure, PC crash, Disk failure, data corruption due to virus or malware attack and everything is lost?  The best, quick and inexpensive solution to restore your data in such situation can be only – Regular Backups.

Keeping backup of your data is very essential for its safety. You shouldn’t trust to a single hard drive no matter how good and expensive the hardware is. If something fails it doesn’t take more than one instant to lose all your data, perhaps you may have lost more than a paycheck, especially when you have the only copy of something that can’t be retrieved.

Even if you don’t lose your data, you might find that you accidentally deleted an important file.

Backup is a good practice to implement which can save you in both the cases.

Back up your PC with Backup Manager which is a helpful tool to back your data easily. Not only save and protect your important files, folders, critical data and emails from all unforeseen circumstances also helps recover it in an efficient manner. Let’s have a look.

Backup Manager is a part of Advanced System optimizer. Download Advanced System Optimizer and launch it from left panel under Backup and Recovery module.

Inside Backup Manager

When you open the app you can see all the major functions on its main screen and as you go in deeper you get access to a lot of customization options.


You can start creating backup by clicking the Start Backup option. As you click this option a new window will appear where you can select the option to create a new backup and name it. You can name your backup you wish in Backup Job Name box, which also be shown in the File Name box. Backup Description will show the date and time of newly created backup which you can edit too.


Click Next button and a new window will open with two backup options to select backup media: Simple Back Job (zip archive backup file) and Encrypted Backup Job (password Protected back file). Select the one you want and click next to proceed.

Now the program asks you what location you want to create your backup.

Have selected you location, select what data you want to back up from the list – program lists you all your data.

Before starting backup process you are provided with the option to manage your exclusion list. Once you done with settings, click Backup Immediately and Next button to finally start the process.

Backup Manager offers not only easy backup solution but also provides easy accessibility to your backup files. Its Restore feature let you restore the file you want quickly and easily.


Set the schedule

You can also schedule the backup process to run it automatically at your chosen time and you do not need to worry about carrying on the pending backup process.

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