How to take a screenshot in Windows 8

Window 8 brings a much easier way for users to take screenshots. The way is almost same to take screen shot in both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Taking screenshots using Print Screen button is perhaps the best-known and one of the most popular ways in Windows.

In Windows 8, you can extend the basic function of this little button and a nifty new keyboard shortcut lets you automatically save the captured moment on your screen.

Set up the screen as whatever you want to take a screen shot and hit Windows + Print Screen – This will save your screenshot in Picture folder in your Library. You really don’t need to paste it into an image editor such as Paint.


Go to your Pictures Library, here you will find a newly created screenshot.

4 thoughts on “How to take a screenshot in Windows 8”

    1. Hi Barbara

      You just press the Windows logo key + Prtscn.
      The screen will be saved automatically in the Screenshots folder which is in your Pictures library.

      This should help!

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