No sound coming from Windows PC

 I have no sound in Windows, do not hear any audio. What can I do?”

This is a very common problem, and the one that most of us have to deal with. Sound problems can occur due to various reasons such as improperly connected cables, damaged drivers, incompatible drivers, sound settings, missing updates, and issues with your sound card.

When you upgrade your Windows from one version to another, it occurs that current sound driver was compatible for the previous version of windows. And generally PC drivers got damaged due to virus and/or other PC problems.

If sound is not coming from your PC speakers/headphones, you may be in one of two situations. Either your hardware isn’t setup properly or an outdated/incompatible/damaged driver is disrupting communication between the PC and the sound card. And it’s possible too that your set defaults the volume on different input devices down to zero.

You need to check if the cables are connected properly and make sure they are plugged into a working power source and turned on. If it doesn’t work, there are chances that you have an incompatible and/or damaged sound driver on your PC and Windows could not recognize your sound card or sound processor, leaving you with no sound.

You can fix this problem by updating sound driver using Windows Update or also you can do so from manufacturer’s website.

There is a slim chance that Windows Update will find latest driver, and looking for the manufacturer, model name or number of your sound card seems an uneasy task.

There is another safe way! – using Advanced Driver Updater to update your latest sound driver is actually rather simple. You can easily find your latest driver and install it in a click, troubleshooting your sound problem. Advanced Driver Updater includes original manufacturer drivers in its database that ensures the fully compatibility with your devices and complete safety of downloaded drivers.

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