Optimize your Hard Drive

Hard disk is one of the most important components of your PC and the one where you store all your data. You may sometime have to face the slow PC problems due to disk fragmentation. This seriously affects your PC response time and performance and you really need a right tool to fix it.

What is fragmentation?

Fragmentation means a file on hard drive is split into multiple pieces and when accessed, it has to be pieced together. The more you use your PC, programs you install and uninstall, files you create and delete, the more fragmented your hard disk becomes. For instance, you uninstall a program from your PC; it is removed along with its associated files, leaving the gaps on the drive. Now when you install new program which takes up more space than the deleted one, windows will store it randomly splitting into multiple pieces on your drive, slowing things down.

Disk Defragmentation- why it’s important?

Disk Defragmentation is an important maintenance task for your PC because this reorganizes files on your drive, making them more organized and quickly accessible.

Disk Optimizer tool helps boost and maintain the performance of your PC, optimizing your hard drive for you. Disk Optimizer is a part of Advanced System Optimizer.

Download Advanced System Optimizer and then launch Disk Optimizer from the Disk Cleaner & Optimizer module in the left panel.

Analyze your Disk using Disk Optimizer

Before you start Disk analysis, select the drive you want to proceed with. There is also an option “Direct Defrag”, on selecting it, the program will automatically start defrag process once done with the scanning.

You can start Disk analysis by selecting the drive and clicking Start Scan Now button. Disk Optimizer scans the chosen drive and analyzes each sector of your hard drive extensively. Once the scan process is completed you are given a percentage of fragmentation based on comparison the scattered data to where it would be if all free space were in a single large block.

Defrag your Disk

When you click “Defrag” button, program starts defragmentation process, creating a large chunk of free space by putting small chunks of free space together and providing you a better and more efficient data storage. You can see the noticeable improvements in performance.

Set the Schedule

Setting up Schedule makes it easy to carry out this routine maintenance task even if you are busy. Schedule is an in-built feature of Disk optimizer which allows you to schedule the process of defragmentation for your hard drive.

Click Schedule button and use the various options given, specifying how frequently you want and what date and time you want it to run automatically.

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