How to know if your PC is infected with malware?

Each PC with internet access is vulnerable to malware infections, and protecting to your PC requires constant attention and powerful anti-malware utility.

Do malware infections have noticeable symptoms or can some go unnoticed?

Malware infections have signs from causing total havoc to working totally in the background and about everything in between. Below are some common sign that often make it easy to identify malware on your PC:

Random Popups appear whenever your PC is idle.

Are you getting popups which you never heard of? They are definitely annoying and often due to malware infection on your PC which allow them to appear, but not always. Some popups have links, clicking on which re-directs you somewhere else and not where it is supposed to go, probably to drop more malware on your PC.

Browser redirect issues/ browser’s home page unexpectedly changes.

Are you experiencing some browser redirect issues? You open your browser and find it goes somewhere else instead your default homepage. Some malware infections known as browser redirect infection or browser hijacker tend to change and moderate your browser, collecting valuable data for illegal purpose. Such malicious programs might get installed on your PC even without your knowledge. It secretly invades and can take control of your web browser.

Malware through social channels.

Malware on your PC can turn it into a spam sender and you can see evidence of emails being sent without your knowledge. Also you can get a lot of spam mails due to infections. Not only emails, malware infections come through social channels too. You may find getting tagged and fake messages posted by your Facebook account on your friend’s list walls.

Ransomware holds your PC.

If you find your PC inoperable after clicking an email attachment from unknown sources or a pop up window which you got while surfing the internet, your PC is probably infected with Ransomware. Ransomware is Trojan horse-type malware infection that holds your PC by encrypting all your information or by making it inaccessible in some way. And it then demands that you pay to get your PC back. Even if you pay to them, there is no guarantee that they will unlock your PC.

Toolbars are unexpectedly added to your Web browser.

Unwanted toolbars are unexpectedly added to your browser and it is one of the common malware tricks. You notice strange toolbars in your web browser and are not sure how you got them there.

Crashes and Slow PC.

Malware programs use a lot of your PC resources, making it considerably slow. Some malware can slow down your PC or even crash other applications.

No obvious symptom of malware.

Depending on the types of malware, you may experience a wide range of signs, or no obvious signs at all. Some threats hide themselves and gather your personal information quietly, while others display messages or pictures that may indicate their presence on your PC.

If you think your PC has been affected by a malware infection and you need help, to protect your PC, you can install and run an up-to-date anti-malware product. Advanced System Protector is a powerful software which provides complete protection from malicious programs and threats. To find and remove malware infections from your PC download it today!

It is best practice to run a scan with Advanced System Protector on a regular basis.

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