How to permanently delete data from your hard disk

When you delete a file, it does not show up in Windows explorer but remains intact on your hard drive until it is overwritten and can be recovered using any file recovery tool.

Most of us want to remove our data permanently at some point for one reason or another. Perhaps you have decided to trade in your old PC for a new one and before you resell it, you want to ensure that none of your confidential data get into the hands of whoever uses it next.

To feel completely safe and ensure that your confidential information isn’t accessible on your hard disk here’s how you can permanently delete your personal data and wipe your hard drive to prevent deleted data restoration using Secure Delete one of the features of Advanced System Optimizer. It’s a tool to remove confidential data permanently from your PC which makes the task of permanent deletion a simple matter.

Using Secure Delete, it’s quite simple and easy to delete you confidential information and files from your PC. You don’t need to be an expert user, the simple interface makes the process of removing your confidential files very very easy.

Launch Advanced System Optimizer, you can see in the left panel of its screen Security & Privacy module and under which you find this tool- Secure Delete. Once you launch it, the program will ask you to choose the files you want to remove by clicking on “Select Files” button.


Clicking this button opens a new window where you click Add File and Add Folder button so that you can browse Windows explorer and add the files and folders you want to remove securely. All added files will be listed here. Remove button will let you remove the added files and folders from the list.

You can also see the option change at bottom left corner. Clicking on which opens a new window with 3 options for secure deletion, more secure and most secure deletion.

Once you choose the one you want, click Continue button to continue the process of secure deletion. And then click Next button, you will be asked now confirmation for secure deletion, which you can confirm by type in the given code in the box. When you click Next button, the program starts wiping out the selected files and folders permanently.

Recycle Bin: Wipe your Recycle Bin

Also you can use Secure Delete to delete data from Recycle Bin permanently, ensuring that deleted data cannot be recovered.

To begin the permanent deletion of items in your Recycle Bin, click Start Scan Now button under the Recycle Bin tab. Secure Delete scans and lists all your items in Recycle Bin. Click Wipe Now button to continue and enter Yes to confirm the deletion.


: wipe your hard drive

You can wipe your hard drive to prevent deleted data restoration using Secure Delete.

You can see the tab Drive on Secure Delete program screen which provides you options to select the drive and also options for wiping your hard drive whether you want to wipe out deleted files permanently or entire drive or all the free space on your selected drive.

Once you choose the drive and the kind of wipe to be done, you can click “Start Scan Now” to continue with the process.

Once the scan is completed, the program will display the found deleted files and folders which you can wipe using “Wipe now” button.

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