Maintain your PC Privacy with Privacy Protector

Did you know that, each time you use your PC, Internet, and the applications that you access store evidence of your usage?

Your PC stores user cache and system cache to make things faster. It stores all the recently opened documents and files, applications, and each websites, images visited by you, just for your convenience but can prove to be harmful if this information is passed on to someone else. Anyone who has access to your PC can easily find out which documents you’ve recently opened, the web sites that you’ve visited, and see a history of the images and movies that you’ve been viewing. If multiple users share your PC, removing all these traces is essential to protect your privacy.

With Privacy Protector, your confidential information, including all traces of your usage history, internet browsing history, details of recent document shortcuts, history of accessed files, and much more is completely and securely erased from your PC. Not only does Privacy Protector minimize the risk of identity theft, it also improves your PC performance by removing files that take up disk space and consume resources.

Privacy Protector is a part of Advanced System Optimizer and you can find it in the left panel under Security & Privacy module.

Privacy Protector makes the task of removing all traces of your usage history very simple, protecting your privacy. When you launch Privacy Protector you see Start Privacy Scan button on its main screen. As you click the button, program starts scanning your PC to find the traces of Internet history and of major applications used. It thoroughly scans your PC and identifies the traces that can expose your privacy. It analyzes entire PC for finding such traces.

Once the scan is finished, Privacy Protector presents you with a summary of how many items found, their type and locations, and how much disk space they consume. Traces detected are divided into four sections for your convenience: Windows, Browsers, Messengers and MS Office. You can view all found traces under the” Show All” section, or their respective sections. Just select the areas to clean up, and click ‘Clean’ to immediately enjoy the benefits of secure data cleaning!

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