Got malware? Fix your PC

Advanced system protector makes the task of removing malware a simple one, with a few clicks you can find malware infections and clean them safely. Download the tool and keep your PC malware free. Advanced system protector thoroughly scans your PC for malware infections. It has three scan options which you can choose the one you want and run a scan: Quick scan, Deep scan and Custom scan. Quick scan is faster and less extensive. Deep Scan is thorough scan, and slower than quick scan. Custom Scan scans the files and folders which you select for scanning. If you notice any sign of malware, a quick scan is recommended which will identify infections and remove from your PC.

Using Advanced System Protector, it’s easy to find and remove malware infections present on your PC. You can detect malware infections simply by clicking on ‘Start Scan Now’ button. Once scan is completed, it provides a list view of all the detected malware infections. You can view more information about found malware by clicking – Learn more option. Also you can add the found malware in the ignore list and skip it from subsequent scans which will not be listed as malware until removed from the list.

Do you also want the details of the detected infection and where it is located on your PC? Each detected infection has an option ‘View Details’. View Details option is linked to a new window that details each and every infection. Before cleaning the infections you can review them individually.

After each scan Advanced System Protector saves a log of the scan which includes type of performed each scan, items which were being analyzed, found infections and action taken against them. Logs are required when you seek assistance for any problem you face.

If you are quite certain that you want to remove found infections, simply click ‘Clean all’ to remove the infections and have a malware free, smooth and stable PC. To keep your PC always malware free we highly recommend you that scan your PC regularly because sophisticated malware runs quietly. For your convenience, you can set a schedule and Advanced System Protector will run a scan for malware automatically at your specified time.

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2 thoughts on “Got malware? Fix your PC”

    Marx Melencio May 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm I’m totally blind and use a screen reader (JAWS For Windows). Just downloaded and installed Advanced System Protector a few hours ago. It was quick and easy, which is a big plus, especially since the entire installation process was accessible to my screen reader. Upon installing and using Advanced System Protector, I noticed that the interface of this application is quite accessible to my screen reader, which I can say is a unique feature on its own, because most system security tools aren’t built with accessibility in mind for blind users like me. There are however some components that could perhaps be improved further for screen reader users. I’ll be testing this application in the next few days and will post a review here, if possible, as soon as I’m done testing this program. Cheers!
      admin June 6, 2013 at 11:21 am Hi Marx We appreciate your review and hope to hear from you again soon! If you need any assistance, please do let us know. Regards, Systweak Team

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