Why update your graphics driver?

“display driver stopped responding & has recovered”

Have you ever received such error?

If yes, you got this error probably because of an outdated graphics driver, and you may need to install the latest updates for it.

What is graphics driver?

A graphics driver is a software that allows your operating system and programs to use your PC’s graphics hardware.

When you upgrade your Windows from one version to another, it occurs that current graphics driver was compatible for the previous version of windows. Are you sure that you’ve got latest drivers? Also PC drivers may got damaged due to virus and/or other PC problems.

To fix display errors you need to update graphics driver. You can can do so using Windows Update or also from manufacturer’s website.

There is a slim chance that Windows Update will find latest driver, and looking for the manufacturer, model name or number of your graphics card seems an uneasy task.

There is another safe way! – using Advanced Driver Updater to update your latest graphics driver is actually rather simple. You can easily find your latest driver and install it in a click, troubleshooting your display problem. Advanced Driver Updater includes original manufacturer drivers in its database that ensures the fully compatibility with your devices and complete safety of downloaded drivers.

How Advanced Driver Updater Works?

Advanced Driver Updater can fix all driver related issues and its latest version is capable of conducting a Windows 8 friendly scan of your PC, identifying driver issues and updates.

To get going with this, you need to download it. It is quick to download and installation is pretty fast.

You can simply start a scan from the main screen – “Status” tab. Once completed, you will be presented with a list of any driver updates that are available for your PC. You can choose to install them all in a click or one at a time.

Driver Scan

The Driver Scan tab provides a quick overview of past scans, the total outdated drivers and access to update drivers. And lower half screen displays the list of devices that are checked during the scanning process. You can also start the scan process from this screen by clicking Start Scan button on the bottom right corner.


The program creates a backup of all system drivers. Backup scan tab offers you two options of backup. You can choose complete backup of all system drivers or the other option backup of specific drivers.


Restore tab allows you a roll back to the previous driver if you face a problem. This screen displays you the list of backed up drivers created by the program each time before updating your PC drivers.


Settings tab includes a number of options. You can ignore certain drivers updates in case there is a known problem or compatibility issue, set a schedule, choose your native language, choose to minimize the app when running, choose to start it upon windows startup, set a download location and more.

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