Remove System Doctor 2014

            System Doctor 2014

What is System Doctor 2014?

System Doctor 2014 is a rogue/fake program. Once it gets onto the user system it start scanning the system and after the scan completion displays a lot of fake error messages and infections on the system so that the user gets scared. When the user clicks the “Remove threats” button to clean the infections shown by the System Doctor 2014, it will trick the user into purchasing a license. The Infections Displayed are fabricated i.e. do not exist on the system or the useful system files may be shown as infection so Do Not Delete them.

System Doctor 2014 prevents ‘Task Manager’ from opening so that you can’t kill the process/program. Worst the case, when you open the ‘Add/Remove Program’ but instead of opening it, Malware Program runs itself and asks you to remove the Infection through its own program, which actually won’t do a bit. It also prohibits user from executing any other application.

How to remove System Doctor 2014:

1. Download and install the Advanced System Protector.

2. Scan complete computer with Advanced System Protector by selecting “Deep Scan” option.

3. Advanced System Protector will help to get rid of the malware.

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    1. Hi Linda
      To remove it, I suggest you to install Advanced System Protector and run the scan. Once the Scan completes, click Clean. In case of any query, please write us at

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