Find out where your disk space is being used?

Are you running low on disk space or your PC is getting slower day by day? If it is, now is the time to find out what is eating away all your disk space.

Whether you’ve got limited space because you’ve old, unused and big size files on your hard drive, or you just want to get the most out of every byte of your hard drive, you can use Disk Analyzer Pro to help you keep track of disk space usage. With Disk Analyzer Pro, you can easily track down the biggest space hogging files, old files, temporary files and duplicate files on your disk and clean your drive off such files.

Identifying the large files on your PC manually can be time consuming and annoying task. Disk Analyzer Pro scans your PC to find large files and space occupied by them, saving you a huge amount of time. It quickly displays a visual representation of what exactly is using all the space on your hard drive. Not only it analyzes and evaluates your disk space usage but also help you search huge files you never knew existed. Disk Analyzer Pro lets you see all of your files, organized by size and type. Also it helps you determine exactly which files should be deleted to regain gigabytes of hard disk space.

Analyze your disk space with Disk Analyzer Pro

Using Disk Analyzer Pro, it’s easy to identify the biggest space hogs and also duplicate files, old and unused files, allowing you to remove them from your PC. More than just an analyzer, Disk Analyzer Pro also works as a disk management tool for getting valuable disk space free from clutter and make that space available to use to store your important files. To get started, first Download Disk Analyzer Pro. When launching Disk Analyzer Pro, you’ll be asked which hard drive to analyze.

After selecting the drive, the application will start to analyze disk space usage and all files on your drive. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a list view of all folders and files on your drive and space occupied by them, which immediately makes it obvious what files are taking up the most space on your PC. You can delete or move desired files to free up space.

There are 3 options available to view the scan results: Files and Folders, Files only and Folders only, you can select the one you want. By default Files and Folders option is selected. Also the folder tree on result window shows you all the files on your hard drive. To expand a folder, you just click the + sign next to each folder.

You can select listed file and can perform any action including delete, copy, move and compress a file.

More Features: Disk Analyzer Pro

Once you finish the files search, you can find even more features under the FileList tab – for a categorical view of all files on your drive that makes it super easy to get a quick view of largest space hogging files and folders as well as old unused and big size files on your hard disk drives.

View Big Size Files option to easily view biggest space hogging files!

View Oldest Files and delete if you don’t need them anymore!

View Junk Files and remove them to reclaim your precious disk space!

View Temporary Files and remove them to reclaim your precious disk space!

View Duplicate Files and remove them to free up your valuable disk space!

And many more!

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