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Despite our best intentions to stay organized, there comes a time when things get cluttered and there is a need to find out what is eating away all that disk space. The junk files on our PC that take up a major disk space aren’t always readily apparent. Most PC users are unaware of how many unwanted apps, documents, videos and duplicates are out there eating your hard disk space. Having to sit through the manually finding and cleaning all such files can give even the best of us a headache.

Each time you use your PC, junk files can pile up on it. Over time these files can take up huge amounts of space on your PC and cause your PC to run slow, even slower. You must always keep your PC clean and free from all the clutter which seems to accumulate at an alarming pace.

Windows applications create temporary files to store data temporarily. These files should automatically vanish when the application ceases to be in use. However, because of some system limitations and program errors, they remain in the hard disk unless they are manually deleted.

Similarly, in the process of un-installations of applications, useless traces are left behind as remnants and begin to interfere with the smooth functioning of other applications. In due course of time, the volume of junk collected enlarges in size and consumes a considerable amount of hard disk space. This hampers the PC’s performance.

Why it’s important to clean all junk

The more junk you have on your PC, the more time it takes to process everything. To increase your PC speed it is always required to keep your disk clean and free from any clutter.

System Cleaner- a tool of Advanced System Optimizer is a simple, effective application for safely reclaiming the surprising large amounts of your disk space that can get taken up by many unwanted apps, documents, videos and duplicate files you don’t actually need. System Cleaner frees up your hard drive space by cleaning all such files from your PC.

So what can System Cleaner do?

  • Identify useless data on your PC quickly
  • Clean all junk files just in a click
  • Allows you to delete the junk files permanently from your PC or move them to Recycle Bin.

Once you decide to clean up your PC regularly you don’t need to go, search and clean all junk manually. System Cleaner is a perfect utility for this!

Downloading and Installing

You can download Advanced System Optimizer with just one click. Once you download this file, double click the setup and start the installation. After installation you will find System Cleaner tool in its Disk Cleaner & Optimizers section in the left pane.

Getting Started

Launch System Cleaner – Advanced System Optimizer tool

To launch System Cleaner click Disk Cleaner & Optimizers > System Cleaner.

Step 1 : Scan your PC for junk

Scan your PC for junk files accumulated on it by clicking on ‘Start Scan Now’ button. By default, all the disk drives are included in the scanning process. In order to change the default areas to be scanned, you may use the options under the “Settings” tab.

You can view the progress of scanning. System Cleaner analyzes all the files and folders in the hard disk and detects the obsolete data and lists them. The lower half of the screen shows the status of areas being examined.

Any time during the scanning process, you can click on the ‘Stop Scan‘ button to stop the analysis.

Step 2 : Scan results

Once the scan is complete, it displays detected number of issues that are classified under three main categories: Junk Files, Temporary Files and Empty Files.

  • Junk Files – Junk Files are unused files on your system’s hard disk, remnants of the applications incompletely uninstalled. These pile up in time, cause fatal errors and also consume disk space needlessly.
  • Temporary Files – The system generates temporary files for any application or file currently in use. These are created for user’s convenience to quickly access the file or application. When the application or the file is closed, the temporary files are not removed from the temporary folder. These files remain there unused and consume space.
  • Empty Files – Empty Files are zero-length files which have no data in them.

Step 3 : Clean detected issues

Each category has a list of junk files, you can view all the detected junk items listed in the respective category. By default, all the junk items are selected for cleaning. You can uncheck the box to un-select the item that you do not want to be removed.

Either individual files can be selected to be cleaned, or all the files listed under a category can be cleaned at once by checking the category option and clicking the ‘Clean System’ button.

To remove them all in a click, click ‘Clean System‘ button at the bottom right corner.

The selected files are cleaned in this step, and the Progress bar shows the progress.

As cleaning process completes, it shows clean-up summary, displaying total junk files found and removed with the estimated disk space saved.

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