What to do if my PC is infected with malware?

Malware is a kind of software that is installed on your PC without your knowledge and resides in disguised fashion. It watches and records your activities, which may lead to loss of privacy. There are many types of malware programs and can be installed on your PC in many ways but usually they are hidden inside of programs. Basically, your PC with internet access is vulnerable to malware infections.

If you think you have some malware infections, and if you do not have an anti-malware protection on your PC, there are chances that your PC is infected.

Malware infections have signs from causing total havoc to working totally in the background and about everything in between

Here are some common signs that can help you make out if your PC is infected with malware or not:

· You notice random Popups appear whenever your PC is idle.

· You have browser redirect issues/ browser’s home page unexpectedly changes.

· You see toolbars are unexpectedly added to your Web browser.

· Your PC suddenly gets Slow.

· There are pop-up ads, even when your PC is not connected to the Internet.

Depending on the types of malware, you may experience a wide range of signs, or no obvious signs at all. Some threats hide themselves and gather your personal information quietly, while others display messages or pictures that may indicate their presence on your PC.

If you think your PC has been affected by a malware infection and you need help, to protect your PC, you can install and run an up-to-date anti-malware product. Advanced System Protector is a powerful software which provides complete protection from malicious programs and threats. To find and remove malware infections from your PC download it today!

Advanced System Protector is powerful software that does just what is needed for your PC security. It really is an effective utility and available in 14 languages.

Advanced System Protector does more than providing complete protection against malware infections. It helps increase your PC speed by optimizing your startup and disabling various plug-ins, extensions and toolbars running within your browser.

Its Browser Cleaner feature allows you disable unwanted add-ons easily and quickly from your web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Its Startup Manager tool allows you to optimize your startup with the few simple clicks and increase the boot up speed. It helps you manage and organize your startup items easily and effectively. Startup Manager lets you tweak your startup settings so that you decide what applications should load up prior to the machine actually being usable, making boot times considerably faster.

It is the best practice to run a scan with Advanced System Protector on a regular basis.

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