How To: Make your PC Run like New

There’s nothing that is great than the smoothness and unmatched speed of a PC when it is new. But after plenty of usage and downloads and changes made over time, eventually even the most powerful PC begins to slow.

But imagine if you could have that “state-of-the-art ” speed all the time? That’s exactly what Advanced System Optimizer offers.

Advanced System Optimizer is the perfect tool for keeping your PC in perfect condition. It’s designed to tweak your PC smartly and increase its speed. You really do not need to dig around in settings and play with different parts of your PC that you may not be familiar with. Advanced System Optimizer will do all of the things for you and make your PC faster and even more responsive.

Is it right for you? Let’s take a look and find out!

25+ Tools in One

You’ll find a pretty comprehensive tour of Advanced System Optimizer’s feature. It includes several tweaking tools to perform various tasks including cleaning junk items, defragging your hard disk, cleaning PC registry, removing malware infections and deleting duplicate files and many more to create the best possible experience.

Getting Started

To get going with this, you will need to start off by downloading the program. The installation is pretty fast and simple.

The main screen of Advanced System Optimizer is divided into two simple sections, i.e. the right panel and the left panel.

Left panel contains the main tools to optimize your PC and when you select any tool it displays its sub tools in the left panel.


When you launch Advanced System Optimizer, the Home category is selected by default in the left panel.

Advanced System Optimizer Home window displays the status of your PC’s Security, Cleaning and Optimized area. It displays the status of each area, whether Poor, Fair or Good, depending upon the actions performed on these areas of the system using Smart PC Care feature. When you have just installed Advanced System Optimizer, these three areas will initially display a yellow icon with an exclamation mark and Unknown as the status.

There are three types of Scan options on this window which you can use as per your requirement. Each scan is unique and differs from one another. Quick Scan is the quickest scan of the entire three scan. Quick Scan does not perform scan of two areas i.e. “Defrag hard disk for optimized performance” and “Scan and clean Spyware” as they take too much time to complete the scanning and optimizing system. Custom Scan gives you the facility to choose the areas you want to scan. Deep Scan performs the scans for all the areas, it takes much time. You can use the three scans as per your requirement.

Smart PC Care

In Smart PC Care several tweaking tools of the program work together, to create the best possible experience. Several tasks like junk file cleaning, registry cleaning, disk defragmentation, spyware cleaning etc. can be accomplished through a single click. This not only saves time but also makes the process of performing multiple tasks a breeze.

You can simply start a scan from this tab by clicking Start Scan button. It takes a few minutes to complete and you can even minimize the program and perform other tasks as it runs in the background. Once completed, you will be presented with the no. of issues found in each area. Click Optimize button to fix all the found issues.

Registry Optimizers

It includes Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer tools.

Registry Cleaner is an advanced solution to fix registry errors and speed up your PC. It helps you to prevent system crashes and improve system response time. Fix registry errors and get instant performance boost. It safely scans your PC and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. Fix these obsolete entries just in a click and run your PC faster and error free.

Registry Optimizer helps to defrag Registry in simple steps. It locates all the entries which are meant to be placed one after the other in the Registry, but are scattered in the present situation. Under the defragmentation process, the entries are linearly placed, gaps produced by removal of invalid entries are removed and a new compact Registry is created. The compact Registry so formed is structured linearly, systematic and is error-free. System access time shows improvement, as does performance. The job looks quite tedious and cumbersome, which is why this user-friendly tool is designed to do all the work.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizers

It includes System Cleaner, Disk Optimizer, Disk Tools and Disk Explorer.

System Cleaner – With time and usage, temporary files, unneeded files and remnants of the uninstalled programs accumulate as junk on the hard disk. These junk files wastes gigabytes of valuable disk space and your PC gets sluggish and shows diminishing performance. Remove these junk files to improve speed and performance of your PC. Advanced System Optimizer’s System Cleaner tool makes this task easier and quicker.

Disk Optimizer tool helps boost and maintain the performance of your PC, optimizing your hard drive for you.

Disk Tools is a composition of essential hard disk utilities. These utilities enable you to find hard disk errors, see hard disk information, check hard disk health, analyze hard disk read/write speed, and access hard disk devices. With all the necessary utilities put together fixing disk errors and ascertaining useful disk information can be done at ease.

Disk Explorer is a utility that helps you to view all files and folders present on your system, and the space occupied by them, at a glance.

A simple click and a quick analysis will display the largest files and folders present on your system. A categorical view is presented along with file/folder size and the percentage of space occupied by them. This utility is an important tool with which you can organize your data and, quickly view all the data on your disk. You can find unnecessary files and remove them easily, without having to manually browse through many files.

Windows Optimizers

It includes Game Optimizer, Memory Optimizer and Driver Updater.

Game Optimizer allows you play games in a disturbance free environment.

Memory Optimizer is a sophisticated, easy and efficient memory management utility. It helps you to manage the existing limited memory space in a very resourceful manner.

Driver updater scans your PC for outdated drivers and automatically downloads and installs genuine updated drivers in a click, ensuring peak performance of installed hardware.

Security & Privacy

It includes System Protector, Privacy Protector, Secure Delete and Secure Encryptor.

System Protector provides comprehensive protection for your PC against malware infections. It effectively removes malware infections present on your PC. It also provides protection shields against malware threats.

With Privacy Protector your confidential information, including all traces of your usage history, internet browsing history, details of recent document shortcuts, history of accessed files, and much more is completely and securely erased from your PC. Not only does Privacy Protector minimize the risk of identity theft, it also improves your PC performance by removing files that take up disk space and consume resources.

Secure Delete helps you remove confidential data permanently from your PC which makes the task of permanent deletion a simple matter.

Secure Encryptor is designed to enhance your data security by way of encrypting your folders and files. It gives you full encryption from stem to stern, preventing unwanted access. And it unlocks encrypted files only when you enter the proper passcode.

Backup & Recovery

It includes Undelete, Backup Manager and System File Backup & Restore.

Undelete is an advanced tool that works with almost all types of file structures and extremely simple to use and makes recovering those important bits and bytes a simple matter.

Backup Manager is a helpful tool to back your data easily. Not only save and protect your important files, folders, critical data and emails from all unforeseen circumstances also helps recover it in an efficient manner.

System File Backup & Restore tool keeps a backup of all system files.

Common Problem Fixers

It includes PC Fixer, System & Security Advisor and Duplicate Files Remover.

PC Fixer identifies common problem areas on your PC and provides fixes for them.

System & Security Advisor thoroughly analyzes the data on your system and then provides suggestions to improve the PC’s performance.

Duplicate Files Remover – an effective tool of Advanced System Optimizer identifies duplicate files easily and allows you to remove them safely. You can locate duplicate files on your hard drive manually too, but searching all the duplicate files manually is a difficult, tedious and time consuming task.

Regular Maintenance

It includes Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager and Scheduler.

Startup Manager lets you tweak your startup settings so that you decide what applications should load up prior to the machine actually being usable, making boot times considerably faster.

Uninstall Manager helps you to remove any unwanted application installed on your PC without opening your Control Panel.

Scheduler allows you to schedule automatic scans for most of its tools.

Download Advanced System Optimizer today and keep your PC clean, optimized and faster! You can run the scan Advanced System Optimizer’s features individually to optimize your PC according to your need.

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