Remove PRISM Ransomware

PRISM Ransomware

What is PRISM (Ransomware)?

PRISM is a malware that belongs to ransomware category. This ransomware pretends to be a legal notification by Computer Crime Prosecution Section stating that user’s computer has been blocked due to suspicion of illegal content downloading and distribution. PRISM blocks the computer and shows an accusatory message to trick the user to pay the fine in order unblock the computer. The only way to get rid of this situation is to remove the malware PRISM.

How to remove PRISM:

1. Restart the computer in the Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Download and install the Advanced System Protector.

3. Scan complete computer with Advanced System Protector by selecting “Deep Scan” option.

4. Advanced System Protector will help to get rid of the malware.

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