How to deal with PC’s worst annoyances

Windows PCs are pretty reliable, secure and powerful machines but that doesn’t mean they are not vulnerable to errors and crashes. We all wish to run our PC smooth and without any errors and expect to run like the day we first got it always. But it’s not uncommon to experience errors and slowdown with age and uses. No PC is error free unless maintenance tasks are performed regularly. Perhaps the most annoying is the issue that prevents you from completing something important.

Here we present some common PC problems, their possible cause and how you can deal with them.

Most Common PC errors and their possible causes:

Blue Screen Error (BSOD)

Blue Screen Error, also known as BSOD, Stop Error, Blue Screen of Death is the most common error faced by windows PC users which turns the PC screen blue, your PC stops responding, and displays an error message, and PC requires rebooting. Blue Screen error can cause you to lose some important data that can’t be retrieved as there is no prior warning you get of this error.

It is mostly caused by hardware/driver-related issues but can also be caused due to corrupt windows files or registry errors. BSOD is often an indication that there are certain issues in the registry or in the hardware and actually stops your PC responding in order to prevent damage to the hardware or data.

Slow Startup

There are many causes that result in your PC starting up slower than expected. Mostly it happens if you have a large amount of startup items, many applications set to automatically start when you start your PC. You may not require all applications to run automatically. The required items should be there in the startup list, others you can remove, that will make your PC boot a little faster.

PC Freezes

It’s frustrating and annoying when you experience freezes, unresponsiveness and erratic behavior of your PC. There can a number of factors that cause freezes while working. It may be low memory problems, old drivers, incompatible drivers and also malware could be a problem.

Missing Dll Error

A DLL is a library that contains code and data that can be used by more than one program at the same time. When a dll file corrupts or damages, applications that use those files become inaccessible. DLL error mostly occurs when there is a registry issue.

Runtime Error

A runtime error is a software or hardware problem that occurs when running a program and prevents it from working correctly. It is mostly caused by incompatible programs, malware, low memory problems and also programming errors.

Easiest way to fix all these problemsAdvanced System Optimizer

Do you have these errors on your PC? Let’s get rid of blue screen, frequent PC crashes, annoying error messages, slowdowns, unresponsiveness, slow startups once and for all. Whether you want to prevent and fix these errors or run your PC like it did when you first took it out of the box, Advanced System Optimizer is the right solution for you.

Advanced System optimizer can bring it back up to that day one level of performance that you hope by automatic hard drive clean up, removing fragmentation, fixing registry errors, updating latest drivers and protecting your Pc from malware infections. It includes around 25 powerful tools that offer you a complete PC care and helps you keep your PC running smooth and error free always.

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