Fix DLL Errors

What is a DLL?

Much of the functionality of Windows and the programs you run on it is provided by dynamic link libraries (DLL). DLL includes code and data that can be used by multiple programs at the same time. Windows PC come with a set of dll files which are then referenced as needed by applications and devices. For instance, to perform a function related to common dialog box in Windows operating system the Comdlg32 dll is being used. So each program can use this dlls functionality to implement an open dialog box. This way it is not required to include extra details in the program files, just a module to connect to the dll resources would do. Dll files help reduce the duplication of code, helping use fewer resources and run the program even faster.

Causes of DLL errors

Dll errors appear when a program or a service on your PC tries to use a missing or damaged dll. The error message shows the cause of the specific problem and helps you determine how to fix that problem. Most of dll errors appear due to one or more of the following causes:

Missing dll There are thousands of dll files on your PC, which sometimes may get moved, corrupted or deleted – may be because you removed a program or cleaned up some malware by your security software. When this happens functions requiring the missing dll file can no longer be executed.


Overwritten dll When you install new software or add hardware to your PC can overwrite dll files. This can happen when the developer chooses to use an older or newer version of a given file. When the software installs, it replaces the PC’s current dll file with the program’s required version. This is perfect for the new program or hardware because the PC now has the correct version of the file for the smooth operation of that new program or device however; other programs on your PC or devices may not work with the replaced dll. And your PC may show up some errors and its devices may stop working.

Driver problems: Old or corrupted drivers can sometimes causes dll errors on your PC.

Damaged Windows Registry: You may receive dll errors due to some problems in your PC registry.

Another cause of dll errors is faulty application, malware infections, malfunctioned hardware, and registry problems.

Fixes for the common DLL errors

The dll problems that you are experiencing may be addressed using one of the fixes below:

1. Restart your PC

You can fix some temporary dll errors by just restarting your PC. Try restarting your PC when you see any common DLL error messages.

2. Restore the dll file

When you run a program and get a missing dll error message is because that dll used by the program is not available in your PC, perhaps it has been removed with a program uninstallation. Simply download the missing dll to fix your problem.

3. Reinstall the program

If a specific program is causing the dll error, in order to fix it, first you uninstall that program and then reinstall it. Reinstalling the program will fix the problems associated with the dll file.

4. Update drivers

Updating drivers of the hardware that is causing the dll errors will essentially fix the dll problems of your PC. Regular updating of the drivers is essential to avoid common dll errors.

5. Malware removal

Malware infection can corrupt the dll files that are required to run different programs. So keeping your PC free of malware will help you prevent dll problems.

Update Windows

Old and obsolete windows can cause common DLL errors. It is necessary to update your Windows version regularly with updates, patches and service packs. If your PC is showing common dll errors due to Windows problems, then updating your Windows version fixes the problem.

6. Registry fix

Any problem in the registry can cause dll problems. It is very essential to keep the registry in clean and healthy condition. You will need a good registry cleaning program to clean the registry off any problem to avoid dll errors.

Automatic fix for the dll errors

If you do want to take the hassle of finding and fixing dll errors yourself and you don’t want to play with different codes and difficult technical issues, and looking for a perfect solution – then RegClean Pro is for you.

RegClean Pro can fix all your dll problems. You simply need to install it on your PC and run a scan. RegClean Pro quickly finds and fixes the issues, preventing the unwanted dll problems.

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