Is Registry Cleaner safe to use?

Windows Registry is a central database that stores settings for all your PC’s hardware and operating system software which is often used to run and track the files needed to perform tasks. When you download a file or program, Windows Registry will add an entry for it. For instance, you make changes to control panel settings or install an application; an entry would be there in the registry.

Registry is very critical for any operating system to function smoothly. With constant use and time, it becomes bloated and less organized that leads to slow performance. Registry should be constantly monitored and should be made free from invalid entries that clutter. This helps to maintain consistency in PC speed and performance. Hence, Registry cleaning is regularly recommended.

Cleaning your registry manually can be a daunting task and trying it can leave you with a messed up PC, as one misstep in the registry can mean the death of your PC. And using a good registry cleaner is certainly a good way to avoid and prevent registry problems. A right tool for registry optimization always comes with backup feature and defrag tool so that you can always revert the changes in case something goes wrong.

RegClean Pro is safest and easiest tool to use and keep your PC running smooth and error-free. Its advanced scan engine quickly catches invalid entries and tells you how many errors your PC has. You can fix found issues in a single click, preventing unexpected errors and increasing performance of your PC. RegClean Pro deep scans Windows Registry to identify and repair incorrect or obsolete entries making your PC run fast and error free. Defragging registry would compact registry which makes Windows work smoothly and consistently.

RegClean Pro’s Backup and Restore feature makes it safest tool to use. After fixing registry errors, in case for some reason or another if you want the option to revert the changes in future, simply restore the backup which RegClean Pro creates automatically for you right before fixing the errors.

Run RegClean Pro regularly to keep your registry clean and correct.

Optimizes Windows Registry

With RegClean Pro, you can safely clean and repair registry errors, keeping your PC running faster and error-free. After cleaning the registry, removed entries creates gaps or free spaces thus fragmenting the Registry. As time goes by, the Registry gets further fragmented and causes many system-related problems. RegClean Pro defrags registry in simple steps. Under the defragmentation process, the entries are linearly placed, gaps produced by removal of invalid entries are removed and a new compact Registry is created. The compact Registry so formed is structured linearly, systematic and is error-free. System access time shows improvement, as does performance. The job looks quite tedious and cumbersome, which is why this user-friendly tool is designed to do all the work.

Backs up Registry before repairing errors

For your convenience and safety, RegClean Pro backs up your registry before fixing any errors so that you can easily recover any changes and restore registry to a previous state.

Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

Cluttered and erratic Registry is the cause of crashes and unusual error messages on your PC. The regular use of Windows, installing and removing applications declines performances and negatively impacts speed and stability of your PC. RegClean Pro is the right tool to cure the root cause of performance loss. It repairs the registry by removing all of its missing and invalid entries and optimizes the registry to peak performance and stability.

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