Why do I need to clean Windows Registry?

Is your PC running slow and acting erratically? Want to get your smooth running and speedier PC back? Most PC errors including slowdowns, crashes, freezes and conflicts are caused by registry problems. One simple way to run your PC in perfect shape is to keep Windows registry clean and healthy. Over the course of time, the Windows Registry gets filled with unused, conflicting and invalid entries which negatively impacts speed and stability of your PC. Windows Registry may get cluttered due to left behind entries of the uninstalled software, missing or corrupt hardware drivers, or orphaned startup programs. Such invalid entries create inconsistencies in the Windows registry such as empty keys; false uninstall information, missing cross references, etc. and result in decreased performance, slower system response, PC crashes and unusual error messages.

RegClean Pro is the easy way to fix registry problems. With RegClean Pro, you can safely clean and repair registry errors, keeping your PC running faster and error-free. It uses a high-performance detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. You can scan entire registry or choose some specific area in settings to scan for any invalid entries. And it provides you with a list of the errors found and one click solution to fix them all.

Cleaning your Registry improves its health but doesn’t improve its speed and response time. Even when you cleaned up Registry, it may still be bloated. Removed entries are left with gaps, making it more disorganized and unsystematic. There is no continuous or linear space available in your registry so system takes more time to response. Defragmentation is an important maintenance task which locates all the entries which are meant to be placed one after the other in the Registry, but are scattered in the present situation. When you defrag registry, the entries are linearly placed, gaps removed and a fresh, new compact registry is created.

RegClean Pro defrags your Registry, makes it more organized and quickly accessible and speeds up your PC. It also backs up your Registry before fixing the errors, so that if any problem occurs after cleanup, you can simply revert to the previous version of the Registry.

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