Five reasons to declutter a hard drive

Five reasons to declutter a hard drive

Using a PC is generally painless and trouble free, but things can go wrong if not given appropriate amounts of care. The more you use PC, browse the web, more temporary files are created and cookies are stored on your PC. Eventually, this leads to too much junk data that actually needs your PC resources, that means less resource for PC speed. So as time goes by, your PC becomes slower, crashes right in the middle of important things and causes unexpected errors.

You might think that accumulated useless files can’t make a difference in overall performance of your PC; here are five good reasons to tidying up your clogged-up hard disks:

  1. To prevent crashes/errors: Windows and applications crashes often happen because of piled up temporary files and invalid registry entries. They can even cause logging problems, might run you into a problem when trying installing and running applications.
  2. Privacy concerns: Temporary files and system logs are stored on your PC to make things faster, which may also have sensitive information. But can prove to be harmful if this information get fall into wrong hands. You need to be more careful to clean them up when other users share your PC.
  3. To experience faster web browsing: To speed up the things and reduce the amount of time spent waiting to view web pages, your browser saves all the web pages and images you have visited in a folder on your hard drive. But old cookies slow everything down; cleaning them out is a must for a better web experience. Also web browser add-ons take up valuable resources, change browser settings such as home page, search provider and other settings you do not want changed and slow down your browser.
  4. To free up resources: All unwanted files are included when you run virus/malware scan, defrag your drive, adding to the time and processing power required. Useless files also need more storage space and time required for backups, slowing the process down.
  5. To increase speed: You may have encountered a low disk space problem at some point, and often accumulated clutter is the actual cause of it. Depending on the usages, few GB of junk files can quickly accumulate with regular use. When your disk is close to being full, performance can suffer dramatically, your PC may behave erratically, programs may become unresponsive,  your PC may get stuck during startup, files might corrupt and more.

Furthermore, every one of us like things to look nice, neat, tidy, and organized so your PC has to be just so. Cleaning your PC is more than just dusting it off, it’s tidying up all the clutter that generated from remnants, unclean PC shutdowns, and general everyday use which pile up on your hard drive and drain your PC’s resources.

Whether you’re interested in reclaiming disk space, increasing the speed or protecting your privacy, Advanced System Optimizer is a must have tool for you. Tidying up every nook and cranny, it provides you a number of great benefits, including faster response speed, reclaimed storage space and a noticeable performance bump.

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