The big cause of slow speed? Cluttered PC.

The big cause of slow speed? Cluttered PC.

Do you feel that your PC just doesn’t run as smoothly as it used to? Chances are that it’s gotten anyone of several problems or a combination of all of them.

PC clutter builds up over time from general PC use including the remnants of uninstalled programs, from unexpected PC restarts, and more. If you don’t keep your PC cleaned, you leave your PC vulnerable to different errors that decrease performance. The problem is – regular PC maintenance is difficult and time consuming.

When PC cleaning, optimization, and maintenance task is the focus here for a significant speed boost; Advanced System Optimizer is the one that can make a substantial impact on performance.

You can give your PC a complete tune-up with Advanced System Optimizer and use its Smart PC Care feature for an all-in-one diagnosis, cleanup and optimization.

One of the most effective tools in Advanced System Optimizer is its customizable set of PC clean-up utilities – Smart PC Care, which finds and repairs issues on your PC to speed it up. It uses a set of cleaners to run a complete PC scan. After the scan all the issues it finds, you can remove them with one click.

Advanced System Optimizer includes all essential PC clean-up, repair and optimization tools.


Remove junk files

Temporary files, unneeded files and remnants of the uninstall programs accumulates on your PC over time and take up unnecessary hard drive space. System Cleaner will scan your PC to identify and clean the junk that clogs up the PC. Getting rid of this junk will help your PC to run smooth and speedy.

Remove unwanted applications completely

The programs you no longer need occupy your valuable disk space, slowing down your PC. Advanced System Optimizer’s Uninstall Manager tool helps you remove such applications along with their associated files. Uninstall Manager lists all applications you have and you can remove the ones you don’t need.

Repair Windows Registry

The Windows Registry houses huge information about your PC. It has a record of each program on your PC, driver’s configuration, which DLLs are shared among your various programs and much more. Over time and with regular use, registry can get clogged by redundant and orphan entries that eventually results in slow PC response time, frequent error messages, crashes and more. Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner is here to take care of your registry. It will find erroneous entries and offer you fix them all or the ones you choose.



Defrag hard drive

When your Disk is in constant use for storing data, continuous deletions and uninstallations leaves small chunks of free space behind, no space is there for new files to be stored in their entirety, and your PC is compelled to store the data in small chunks of available free space. All this makes the drive do extra work that slows down your PC.

Advanced System Optimizer includes a Disk Optimizer tool which rearranges your fragmented data so your hard disk can work more efficiently. It removes all the fragments from the hard disk by gathering all the small chunks of free space together.

 Optimize Windows Registry

Just cleaning the registry is not the complete solution. After registry cleanup, the windows registry mostly left with gaps, fragmentation which adversely affects performances so, Registry Optimizer also defrags the registry to speed access and reduce its size. It increases system response speed, boosts overall PC efficiency, and free up vital memory.

Optimize Startup

Take control of your startup programs and processes using Advanced System Optimizer’s Startup Manager to increase PC speed. By simply removing unnecessary startups, you will enjoy significantly faster PC boot up.


Protect against malware

Malware infections can carry out damaging activities on your PC that adversely affect PC stability, and slow it down. System Protector helps you find and clean malware infections and improve your PC performance and increase PC speed.

 Secure delete

Sometimes it can be important to remove a file permanently, and while simply removing it and from Recycle Bin can still be brought back by any data recovery software, removing it using Advanced System Optimizer’s Secure Delete ensure its permanent removal.

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