Protect yourself from Malware

Protect yourself from Malware

When your PC is connected to the internet, you never know what may be thrown your way. If your PC is left unsecured, then you are vulnerable to malware and security breaches.

Malware infection can lead to a variety of problems- from brief annoyance, unexpected behavior to identity theft and unauthorized use of your PC.

What’s Malware?

Malware is a malicious program that covers a wide range of programs that either interrupts or changes programs settings, tracks and reports on your activity and makes your PC vulnerable to unwanted access.

Malware can get on to your PC from downloading and installing programs that secretly contains malware. Email is another way that malware can make its way into your PC. Opening an email attachment that contains malware not only can control your PC but can actually reproduce and distribute itself to contacts in your address book.

Prevent Malware

You can prevent a malware infection by using internet smartly. A little know-how and a right tool can help you avoid malware to pass through your PC. Follow these practices to prevent malware.

  • It is not safe to download and install from anything you do not trust or know, no matter how useful you may find it.
  • Always download programs from the websites you trust. If you are unsure of a program and the source, avoid download and first research the program and the unfamiliar website you are downloading from. When you find everything fine then you can always install it and if not, you will avoid a malware infection.
  • Approach email from people you don’t know with caution and don’t open suspicious attachments and links containing the email.
  • You should always know what and from where you are downloading a file from. And Keep User Account control turned on and when you install a program, always check verified publisher on it.
  • You must have a good anti-malware program installed on your PC, keep it updated and schedule to run once a week to stay safe.

If you want to protect PC from malware, a good anti-malware program is absolutely necessary.

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