What’s causing unwanted online ads?

What’s causing unwanted online ads?

Pop up advertisement appeared on your browser accompanied by the words “Ads not by this site” is caused by an adware. Once you get infected, you will see intrusive and annoying ads on the web pages you view, though does not actually harm your PC or data in any way.

How did it get in your PC?

Most adware annoyances are avoidable easily, but if there is a lapse in your attention span while installing a program, it is highly likely that you get such infections.

This infection goes on each web page you view, which can be in form of banner ads, pop-up ads, in-text ads with the “Ads not by this site” text beneath them.

You should always be careful with what you agree to install while installing a program. Choosing custom installation option from Installer will always be helpful for you. Advanced System Protector is a powerful program that helps you strip out almost all advertising painlessly from the web pages you view.

Steps to get rid of it with Advanced System Protector:

1. Download and install the Advanced System Protector on your PC.

2. Scan your PC with Advanced System Protector by selecting “Deep Scan” option.

3. The program will find and display it in scan results and you can remove it in a single click.

To stay safe and prevent any future infections sneaking through your Internet Explorer, keep Internet Shield of Advanced System Protector enabled.

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    Eleebana March 6, 2014 at 4:46 pm Is it really helpful? as I am ORM Specialist and i have to work on web 10 to 12 hours everyday and i am seriously frustrated by these unwanted ads.

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