Audio Problem – How to fix it?

Audio Problem – How to fix it?

If sound is not coming from your PC speakers/headphones, you may be in one of two situations. Either your hardware isn’t setup properly or an outdated/incompatible/damaged driver is disrupting communication between the PC and the sound card. And it’s possible too that your set defaults the volume on different input devices down to zero.

You need to check if the cables are connected properly and make sure they are plugged into a working power source and turned on. If it doesn’t work, there are chances that you have an incompatible and/or damaged sound driver on your PC and Windows could not recognize your sound card or sound processor, leaving you with no sound.

When you upgrade your Windows from one version to another, it occurs that current audio driver was compatible for the previous version of windows. Also PC drivers may get damaged due to virus and/or other PC problems. Out-of-date drivers can cause plenty of problems with your PC, So using Advanced Driver Updater you can keep the drivers fresh.

To get started, download Advanced Driver Updater.  Make sure to be connected with the internet so you can download and install it.

After downloading Advanced Driver Updater, run the setup file and follow the wizard to install the program. Once installed, program will launch itself and begin to scan your PC for outdated drivers automatically. As scan completes, it presents you the total number and details of identified outdated drivers in a list that makes it easy to see just how old they are. It shows driver age bar that makes it apparent whether your drivers are old, very old, or ancient.

Once Advanced Driver Updater identifies and displays outdated drivers, it is simple to update them. You can either click the Update all button to start downloading and installing latest drivers all in a click or choose to update them one at a time by clicking Update driver option next to each one of them.

Advanced Driver Updater offers an easy and complete way to update your drivers and improves the overall health of your PC. It’s easy to use and quickly update all outdated drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater backup and restore feature makes it a safest tool to use. Advanced Driver Updater creates a backup copy of your existing drivers right before installing updates so in case if something goes wrong (crashes and strange behavior after updating a driver), you can always roll back it to the previous driver version and see if that fixes the problem.

You can set a schedule and run automatic scan for old drivers on the desired day, date and time, keeping your drivers up-to-date. Having latest drivers not only help you fix problems also improves stability and enhances PC performance.

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