How do I securely remove data from my old PC?

How do I securely remove data from my old PC?

Why isn’t just deleting the data enough?

When you simply delete a file, it is not actually removed. It is because when you save a file, your PC stores the name of the file in a file allocation table and its contents on the hard drive. So when you delete it, file references from the file allocation table will be removed but the data of this file will remain the same. And the space occupied by that will be marked as free space and is available for overwriting by other newly saved files.

Data once deleted will not show up in Windows explorer but remain intact on your hard drive until it is overwritten and can be recovered using any file recovery tool.

Disposing your old PC without taking steps to scrub your data permanently could be a high risk as online identity theft has become a great focus of cyber-criminals. Using Secure Delete, a tool of Advanced System Optimizer – it’s quite simple and easy to permanently wipe your hard drive preventing deleted data restoration or delete you confidential information and files from your PC.

How does Secure Data wiping work?

To get started, download Advanced System Optimizer.  Make sure to be connected with the internet so you can download and install it.

Launch Advanced System Optimizer, you can find Secure Delete tool under Security & Privacy module in the left pane. Secure Delete is not limited to wiping the hard drive and free space; it can help you permanently delete selected files/folders, and purge your recycle bin securely.

Secure Delete offers you comprehensive protection for permanent data removal; you can securely wipe out the entire drive or choose to wipe the remnants of previously deleted files or just the free space from the Drive tab.

You can scrub the selected files/folders off the drive from Files&Folders tab. And if you want to delete items securely from Recycle Bin, go to the Recycle Bin tab.

Secure delete comes with a simple to use interface, and can do just about anything when it comes to secure file wiping.

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