How to stop programs from automatically opening when Windows starts

How to stop programs from automatically opening when Windows starts

Are you tired of programs launching automatically when you start your PC? Having programs you use on a regular basis start up with your PC is great, but having programs you rarely use with startup is annoying as it slows everything down. You can prevent a slew of background programs from automatically starting up with your PC and increase the boot up speed using Advanced System Optimizer’s Startup Manager. It helps you manage and organize your startup items easily and effectively. Startup Manager lets you tweak your startup settings so that you decide what applications should load up prior to the machine actually being usable, making boot times considerably faster.

Most of us have several applications that load up with each boot, and it is frustrating to wait for each one to load up whenever you start/restart the PC. Startup Manager makes it easy for you to choose what applications start up with your PC and remove the ones which you actually do not require.

To get started, download Advanced System Optimizer.  Make sure to be connected with the internet so you can download and install it.

Step One: Launch Startup Manager

Start by opening up Advanced System Optimizer program and launch Startup Manager from Regular Maintenance feature in the left panel.  When you launch Startup Manger, you are presented with its Home screen. Here, the total number of startup items is displayed in the left pane which is also divided as per user account settings – All users and Current User. Startup items under All Users refer to the number of common startup programs for all user logins. Startup items under Current User refer to the number of startup programs for the user currently logged in.

Startup Items List

Step Two: Open Manage Startup

With the Manage Startup tab open you now can see a list of all the programs that are set to run every time you start up your PC. There are four options – Disable, Remove, Add and Refresh in the bottom of this screen to help you manage your startup items list.


Step Three: Stop any programs from opening at startup

You can stop any of the programs from automatically running at startup by selecting it from the list and clicking the Disable button. You can also opt to simply clear the box next to the item you want to stop. When disabling an item, it will remain in the startup list but do not run at startup. It is similar to Remove option but the difference is that you don’t need to add it again in future if you tend to run the same program at startup.

If theirs is a program that you want to open as soon as your PC is turned on, you can click the Add button, enter the required details in the appeared window and click ok to add it in the startup items list.

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