Repair Windows Performance problems

Repair Windows Performance problems

Windows PCs are powerful machines and incredibly fast, but they have a tendency to be sluggish and can get more slower over time. Launching and switching programs takes longer, annoying error messages appears more often, and even simple tasks become difficult, you know what a pain that can be.

Whether you’re dealing with slow speed, unresponsiveness or annoying error messages, checking registry for errors and fragments is important, because clean and optimized registry is the fix of most of PC problems. Neglecting registry errors could leave you with performance problems.

What is the registry?

Windows Registry houses huge information about your PC. It has a record of each program on your PC, driver’s configuration, which DLLs are shared among your various programs and much more. Unfortunately, as you use your PC more, the registry accumulates the invalid entries, clutter more and even can cause registry corruption that eventually results in slow PC response time, frequent error messages, crashes and more.

How does the registry become cluttered?

  • You may increase unnecessary invalid entries due to uninstalled programs, as you remove a program from your PC their associated entries remain still there in the registry, often they are not removed.
  • And sometimes you merely move a file to a new location but the old entry remains the same pointing to original file path from your PC. So the entries become invalid when uninstalled programs do not delete their associated registry entries or when they point to document files, sound files, help files, font files, history files and application paths that no longer exist on system or have been moved from their original physical locations. These entries make the registry bloated which may cause slow PC and many errors.

Having a clogged, fragmented registry can actually slow you down. Most of us who want to keep PC running smooth and fast are required to clean and optimize their PC registry. A clean and compact registry can breathe new life into your aged PC, increasing the performance and speed of your PC.

Typically it’s impractical to clean invalid entries manually due to the sheer size and complexity of registry. RegClean Pro is designed to get maximum performance out of your PC.

RegClean Pro will cleanup and streamline your registry by finding and removing invalid data references. It enables you to scan your registry for invalid entries. It provides a list of all errors that were found, and you can choose to remove all items, or only selected errors. Before the program deletes any keys, it automatically creates a backup of the registry and allows you to easily undo any changes if needed.

Once you clean up invalid entries you can run registry defrag for best performance. It restructures registry data so that Windows can access what it needs faster, while removing the gaps in the registry. Optimized Windows registry brings huge performance improvements.

With RegClean Pro you can automatically:

  • Repair Registry problems
  • Remove invalid entries,
  • Remove missing file references
  • Remove broken links
  • Remove registry fragments
  • Defrag Registry to increase speed
  • Back up registry every
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