Slow browser. How to speed it up?

Slow browser. How to speed it up?

Browsers are hugely important and most of us expect them to be robust and fast especially when accessing email, news, entertainment or searching for something online. To speed up your browser, you can delete its history which over time grows quite large particularly if you use the browser a lot. As it maintains a complete list of every single website you visit. And make sure that you have the latest version installed because frequent updates can often fix the common issues related to its performance. If your browser is still running slow even after taking care of these mentioned things, it’s also worth checking your browser for unwanted add-ons to rule out possible slowdown issues.

While browser add-ons can enhance your online experience, occasionally they can slowdown the overall browsing experience substantially. Particularly the browsers with extreme amount of add-ons become noticeably slow.

Web browser add-ons including toolbars, extensions, ActiveX control take up valuable real estate, change browser settings such as home page, search provider and other settings you do not want changed, degrading the performance.

Where do these add-ons come from?

Generally add-ons ask your permission before they are installed on your PC. Some however, might get installed without your knowledge. Many applications that you run on your PC may install add-ons to your browser without your knowledge, or you click through the installation too fast and don’t realize that you accepted installation of the add-ons. To prevent this from happening take care to read and unselect the default check box, clicking through the Installation quickly may give your browser unwanted things.

How to disable unwanted add-ons?

You can tweak your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers to make it even faster. Here’s how to free up the browser from speed-killing add-ons, and improve its performance.

You can quickly and easily disable the browser add-ons using Browser Cleaner– a feature of Advanced System Protector. To get started, first close your browser, launch Advanced System protector and open the Browser Cleaner from the Protection tab of the program. It will scan your PC and display a list of browser add-ons. You clear the box next to the add-on you want to disable and then click the Apply button. It will disable that add-on/add-ons, making your browser more streamlined and improving the browser performance.

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