The common problem for PC users? Speed.

The common problem for PC users? Speed.

Are you the one whose PC speed seems to suddenly be far less than it used to be? Well, you may not be alone; this is the most common problem among users.

No matter how powerful and fast windows machines are, performance issues are getting bigger by the day. And while there are lot of windows performance repair tool for maximum performance and minimum clutter, most of us prefer a safest and easiest tool. That’s where Advanced System Optimizer comes in. It’s a multi-functional suit designed to do everything in one place and can give you your PC performance a boost.

Let’s understand why your PC speed has gradually decreases? The number one problem is disk fragments. What is fragment? Well fragmentation means the data is stored in pieces across the hard disk. So, how is PC speed and disk fragmentation connected? Fragmentation happens to a hard disk when you use your PC, install and uninstall the programs, and create and delete the files. For instance, you uninstall a program from your PC; it is removed along with its associated files, leaving the gaps on the drive. Now when you install new program which takes up more space than the deleted one, windows will store it randomly splitting into multiple pieces on your drive. Over time both the file and disk becomes fragmented more and more, slowing things down. There is no continuous or linear space on your hard drive is available, your hard drive is unable to store complete information in a sequential order, so disk takes more time to read the fragmented data back from the hard disk. Let’s talk about how you can keep your PC speed in top shape.

 Advanced System Optimizer offers you all the tools you need to tune up your PC for an optimized speed and performance.

Defrag your hard drive

When your Disk is in constant use for storing data, continuous deletions and uninstallations leaves small chunks of free space behind, no space is there for new files to be stored in their entirety, and your PC is compelled to store the data in small chunks of available free space. All this makes the drive do extra work that slows down your PC.

Advanced System Optimizer includes a Disk Optimizer tool which rearranges your fragmented data so your hard disk can work more efficiently. It removes all the fragments from the hard disk by gathering all the small chunks of free space together.

 Remove PC Clutter

Temporary files, unneeded files and remnants of the uninstall programs accumulates on your PC over time and take up unnecessary hard drive space. System Cleaner will scan your PC to identify and clean the junk that clogs up the PC. Getting rid of this junk will help your PC to run smooth and speedy.

Clean your Registry

Even after you have removed all unwanted applications from your PC, their registry entries still remain the same. Advanced System Optimizer’s Registry Cleaner will find such entries and remove in a click. You can defrag the registry with its Registry Optimizer, increasing your PC speed.

Manage your startup programs

Take control of your startup programs and processes using Advanced System Optimizer’s Startup Manager to increase PC speed. By simply removing unnecessary startups, you will enjoy significantly faster PC boot up.

Remove Malware

Malware infections can carry out damaging activities on your PC that adversely affect PC stability, and slow it down. System Protector helps you find and clean malware infections and improve your PC performance and increase PC speed.

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