How do I get rid of JollyWallet

How do I get rid of JollyWallet

JollyWallet is an adware toolbar that gets installed along with other programs. Once it finds its way onto your PC, you will start seeing annoying advertising popups on the web pages you view, though does not actually harm your PC or data in any way. In most of the cases, JollyWallet ads notify about various promotions, sales and coupons.

How to remove JollyWallet?
Most adware annoyances are avoidable easily, but if there is a lapse in your attention span while installing a program, it is highly likely that you get such infections.
This infection goes on each web page you view, which can be in form of banner ads, pop-up ads, in-text ads with the “Ads not by this site” text beneath them.
You should always be careful with what you agree to install while installing a program. Choosing custom installation option from Installer will always be helpful for you. Advanced System Protector is a powerful program that helps you strip out almost all advertising painlessly from the web pages you view.

To get started, download Advanced System Protector.  Make sure to be connected with the internet so you can download, install, and update it.

After downloading Advanced System Protector, run the setup file and follow the wizard to install the program. Once installed, Advanced System Protector will check for updates and launch the program itself.

Once the program opens, click the Start Scan Now button to run a scan.

Though Advanced System Protector offers 3 options to scan – quick, deep and custom, by default quick scan is selected as it takes less time than the deep one. To find and remove all malicious entries deep scan is recommended. You can run deep scan by choosing it from Infection Scan tab and then clicking the Scan Now button.

blog During the scan, you can see what areas it is scanning and what has scanned, and how many infections it has found. Once it is done, you can remove the detected items by clicking Clean All button.

Advanced System Protector ‘s Real-Time Protection Shields for 24/7 protection alerts you if there are any attempted changes on your PC and you can stop a malware installation.  You can determine whether to allow any changes, preventing unauthorized alterations and restricting the malware attacks in real time.

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