Increase your PC speed

Increase your PC speed

Have you noticed that your PC looks to be performing slow and even just routine tasks can start to crawl? The first step to fixing a slow PC is to verify that what the actual source of the problem is, why your PC speed has gradually decreases? PC that slow to startup, unresponsive, frequently freezes or crash, takes ages to open applications, may suffer from many things.

If you have plenty of free space on the hard drive, optimized startup and hard drive, check whether you have a clean and no fragments in registry. If your registry is fragmented, performance suffers and it leads many other possible problems.

So, how are Windows registry and PC performance connected?  Each time you install program, a new entry your registry adds. And when you uninstall software, it often doesn’t clean up its registry entry itself, and leaves behind old and obsolete registry entries. Even if their registry entries are deleted, the registry does not get smaller. Instead, the removed entries leave gaps and the registry remains larger, fragmented, and inefficient. There will be unwanted entries pointing to old or removed files, listings of no-longer-valid file extensions, invalid paths, invalid ActiveX Controls, and much more. The more your registry gets cluttered, the slower your PC acts and more often you’ll get error messages.

RegClean Pro helps to fix the problem in simple steps. You can easily run a scan for your registry, and it goes through and identifies registry problems. You just click a button – fix Issues, and it tidies things up. It also defrags the registry to reduce its size, increase system response speed and improve overall efficiency. As changing the registry can have serious impact on PC, the program lets you first look at the problems it finds.

RegClean Pro also offers registry backup and in case if you get into some trouble, it lets you revert to the previous version of the registry.

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