Right Backup Anywhere – The Ultimate Data Savior! Backup and Restore Data in 3 Easy Steps!

Right Backup Anywhere – The Ultimate Data Savior! Backup and Restore Data in 3 Easy Steps!

Now that the cloud storage war has begun, it has gone intense on many levels. Users are high on expectations and have become cloud savvy ever since cloud storage has hit android. The next hunt is on for easy backup and restore in not more than few clicks. The fight focuses on getting better than the other players in the market. The right approach to backup and restore data easily is lacking in various apps; that’s where RightBackup Anywhere comes in.

When your backup goes wrong, go the Right Backup way. The RightBackup Anywhere application for android is hard to overlook since it provides seamless backup and restoration of data. Its stringent security has lured reluctant users towards cloud storage. Users do not have to worry about data tampering during backup or restore since data carried by RightBackup Anywhere is encrypted and therefore completely safe. What makes it outstanding are its exciting features that are fun and easy to use.

  • Offline Access to data: Most users don’t have 24/7 internet access. So what are their options if they want to access the data they had backed up earlier? Get RightBackup Anywhere! It lets you access and preview your data (music files, pictures etc.) even when you’re not connected to the internet; you can access your data in offline mode (rare with other cloud storage apps).
  • Backup-restore as easy as a-b-c: With some apps, backup is easy. But when it comes to restoring data, they tend to forget the hierarchy. It’s difficult for users to follow a long and typical procedure to restore data. Trying this app on android makes it easy to do both back and restore.
  • Unlimited Data Storage: What if I have GBs of data I want to back up, but I only get limited storage space? With this hitch, a whole lot of data is left out and never reaches the cloud. With RightBackup Anywhere app, a whole lot of data is backed up seamlessly! You can purchase unlimited storage and backup unlimited amount of data from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Upload large files at once: Most cloud backup apps out there don’t allow you to upload large files in a single go. Instead, you have to upload them in chunks which take time and effort. Righbackup on the other hand provides you the convenience of backing up large files in one go, making the whole experience hassle free.
  • Multiple Device Support: This is one of the key features of the Right Backup Anywhere app. It supports multiple android devices, that is, using the same account, you can perform backup or restore on any device.

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