How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 10, 7 and 8
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How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 10, 7 and 8

The evolution of digital cameras and smartphones with great cameras has made it easy to click pictures anytime, anywhere in our day to day life. People using smartphones always tend to snap at least three shots or even more. You never know when someone might blink or you can get a better bigger smile in next moment. People like to click a bunch of shots, select the best one, and get rid of the rest clicks. Thanks to the data transfer technology that helps us import our cherished memories from smartphones or  digital cameras to our systems or external storage device. And here arises the problem of duplicate and similar photos occupying a lot of space on your hard drives. To save space users sift through their stored photos and delete the unwanted ones manually. Going through your entire system to remove such similar or duplicate extra images is too much time consuming. Guess what! You may waste hours in this nerve wrecking process.

The problem of duplicate photos has become so prevailing that users are left with no alternative but to transfer their collection of photos just to any storage device. Every day we see attractive offers on external hard disks, pen drives etc. But what we forget is that duplicate photos occupy most of disk space and they need to be fixed to save space. We ought to keep those photos that we find the best, out of the duplicate lot. For this, we have to scan all folders containing photos to remove and clean duplicates. But wait, that can’t be done manually. Microsoft Windows Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a perfect, easy and automatic tools that helps you to delete duplicate Photos on Windows 10, 7, 8.

With Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Microsoft Windows users can now easily scan their systems and storage devices for duplicate & similar photos with a simple click. Don’t worry; this process will not take hours as it did in the manual process. Download Duplicate Photos Fixer below

You can start to remove and clean photos that are identical and similar by using DPFP. This will save you chunks of disk space.

Duplicate photos fixer to delete duplicates images

Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows 10, 7, 8

Deleting duplicates on Windows is an easy procedure. Follow the steps below and you’re done:

  1. Launch Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
  2. Add a folders or photos to the scan list
  3. Click “Scan for Duplicates”
  4. Click “Auto-Mark” and unmark the ones you don’t want to delete
  5. Now click “Delete marked”

Simple, isn’t it? This delete duplicate photos on Windows 10, 7, 8 and a lot of disk space is finally released!

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