10 Best Online Cloud Backup & Storage Services 2018

10 Best Online Cloud Backup & Storage Services 2018

We are living in the modern era where everything is on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are so many documents, sensitive information, pictures, and videos that is kept in these devices. The digital data has increased considerably that even the massive storage space is inadequate. People rely on hard drives which can crash anytime, and operating system in computers that can corrupt easily. There is no security of data with these methods. In order to ensure security of data, it’s time to move ahead and use Cloud services to store data safely.

These services when installed on the system ensures regular automatic backup of data on Cloud, encryption of data to enhance security, and easy restoration. We have got you 10 best cloud backup services to safeguard your data from any loss.

Best Cloud Backup Services 2018:-

1. Right Backup :-


Right Backup Anywhere offers easy and automatic data storage on Cloud for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android platform.

 It focuses on maintaining privacy and security of data. It uses encryption technique to avoid any unauthorized access. Users can use the same account for backing up unlimited number of devices. It allows users to specify time to create backup automatically.

It generates a warning to users when backup is not taken. It offers easy restoration by which files can be restored to any desired location. Users can even exclude those files which they do not wish to backup. Users can easily share and allow access to files to their friends and family by granting them permission.

2. Idrive:-


Idrive is one of the best online backup services which provides storage space at a very low price. It allows users to backup n number of computers. The editing of the backed up content lets it save them as various versions.
 Idrive also offers features such as local backup, syncing, and continuous backup. It is available for Windows and Mac. The mobile apps of Idrive makes work further easier. The free version offers enormous storage space of 5GB.

3. Spideroak:-


Spideroak majorly focuses on the security and privacy of data. It allows backing up of data from unlimited computers. Consider that the security is so tight that only users are aware about the password to decrypt/unlock the files. If God forbidden, users lose the password, nobody can help them in retrieving the files. Neither the Spideroak team, nor the government officials.

 It offers 2GB of free space for 60 days in a trial version.

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4. Carbonite


Carbonite offers unlimited cloud storage which makes it one of the best cloud backup services. The program itself determines which files on users’ computer needs to be backed up.

It offers file versioning feature giving users the facility to access up to 12 versions of previously overwritten files. These 12 versions remain safe for up to 90 days.

It ensures the security of data and files by first encrypting them and then uploading at Carbonite’s data center.

5. Opendrive:-


OpenDrive let users upload files of any size without any limitations. Deleted files can be recovered within 90 days. It also offers saving of various versions of files, keeping 99 copies of a file.

 The mobile app accesses files remotely, download them, update changes to sync across all other devices, and even stream media. It offers 5GB of free storage space. It is available for Android and Mac.

6. Backblaze:


Backblaze is one of the fastest online backup tool which offers simple setup process and unlimited storage for one computer.

 It offers mobile apps to simplify the process of backing up data. There is no limit on file size for storage purpose which is enough to bring smile on user’s face. Backblaze has a page designed especially to specify those things which it does not create backup of.

 It backups data automatically or users can also set the schedule. It does not support offline feature. It does not burden system resources and ensures security of data by encryption/locking technique.

7. Crashplan:-


Yet another tool, Crashplan works as the best cloud backup services. Crashplan offers cloud backup services for Windows and Mac in a cost-effective way with diverse features. It has an easy-going interface with restore feature, continuous backup, high-end encryption technique, and incomparable backup software program.

 Crashplan allows users to backup any folder from their computers, whole drives to external hard drives, or CrashPlan’s own servers. The data remains stored in encrypted/locked form to maintain security. The backup process runs automatically or at the specified time in the background. It supports multiple backup destinations so that any location can be accessed to create backup of data.

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8. SOS Online Backup:-


 SOS online backup service is bit costlier than other services. The high cost of SOS service is worth for the security options and backup speed it offers.

It saves all the versions of files forever and even save the deleted ones to back it up if required.

Other enticing features of SOS online cloud backup service includes remote device location and media-scanning service to automatically digitize photographs. As other backup services, SOS does not provide continuous backup of data. It takes place once per hour only.

9. Sugarsync:-


 Sugarsync helps in backing up data on Cloud. It syncs all the files from different devices. The backed up data can be easily accessed from smartphones. It offers backup for unlimited number of devices. Users can backup their smartphones, laptop, tablets, and computers with the same account without paying an extra penny.

Deleted files are sent to “deleted file” folder. These files are not deleted until users manually delete them. It offers business plans, and larger plans also.

10. Mozy:-


Mozy is a big name in the list of best online backup service providers. It offers simple services and easy setup process along with strong security options. It has separate file-syncing app. The mobile app offers an additional feature which allows users to play media files. It is available for both Mac and Windows.

 It provides 2 GB of free storage space. Mozy also offers great discount deals on 1 or 2 year of prepayments. Mozy has restore manager to make the retrieval of data straightforward from Mozy Cloud.

Online Backup Comparison: Top 10 Best Online Backup Services

Right Backup AnywhereUnlimited$14.99
Idrive1 TB$44.00/ year
SPIDEROAK5 TB$25 per month
OpendriveUnlimited$12.95 /month
Sugarsync500 GB$24.99 per month
Mozy125GB on up to three computers$9.99/month
SOS online BackupOne computer and unlimited smartphones$ 4.99 per month
BackblazeUnlimited GB(for one computer)$ 5.00per month
CrashplanUnlimited GB(for one computer)$ 5.99 per month
These 10 best cloud backup services can serve the purpose of storing data safely on Cloud. Choose the right app and plan as well carefully to take maximum benefit of the services offered. Keep your data safe!
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