10 Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

10 Best Duplicate File Finder and Remover Software for Windows 10, 8, 7

Optimizing and managing disk space is always been a struggle for computer users. No matter how much TB of hard disk you have after a certain point of time it looks like that existing space is not enough and you need to make a room if you want to store new files. Have you ever wonder that where exactly your giant size hard disk got consumed?

After spending hours in searching my hard drive I found Answer to this question because I found lots of duplicate files on my drive. surprisingly I was not aware about them. I am thankful to a duplicate file finder tool which helped me in removing duplicate files.

Why my system has duplicate files?

When you search for duplicates and get to the actual reason why your hard disk is overloaded this question may strike into your mind. Here are some most common reasons your computer is having duplicate files.

  • Same file shared multiple times over email or IM.
  • You have downloaded the same file multiple times.
  • You have multiple backup set of your devices or cameras on your computer.
  • Same folder is copied to multiple locations on your computer.

Other than this sometimes you may find duplicates because you have multiple external drives attached to your computers having same folder in each of them.

Why do we need duplicate file cleaner? Can’t we do this manually?

Well if you will try to clean duplicates manually it will take hours and hours to find all the duplicates on your disk and even after that you cannot be 100% sure that you have found all the duplicates. So, using a duplicate file deleter or cleaner is a smart choice.

Best Duplicate File Finder and Removers 2018:

Here are 10 best duplicate file finder and remover tools for Windows 10, 8, 7 and older versions which will help you to boost your system by deleting duplicates.

1. Duplicate Files Fixer

Best Duplicate File Finder Tool for windows

Duplicate file fixer is having simple interface and the best thing is that it is available for Windows, Mac and android devices. The tool is very quick and efficient in finding duplicates quickly and the approach to clean them is also very simple. here are some Key features of this product. Before proceeding further for the deletion of duplicates you can also take a quick backup of your files.

  • Can remove 15 duplicates for free.
  • Gives you flexibility to mark duplicates manually or automatically.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Gives flexibility to include or exclude folder
  • Capable to find duplicates based on different attributes such as file name modify date.

These key features make duplicate file fixer a one of the best duplicate file remover tool. It takes just few seconds to get rid of duplicates with this tool.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Android.

2. Wise duplicate finder

Wise Duplicate Finder to delete similar files

Wise duplicate finder is another duplicate deleter tool to find duplicates on your windows computer. smarter algorithms of this software are capable to find duplicates on the basis of name data and can even find empty files or folder. You can create a backup before deleting anything which helps you to quickly restore files if anything goes wrong. Other key features of this product which makes it an efficient tool to remove duplicate files are listed here.

  • Allows you to recover files if you have deleted them in error.
  • Quickly and smoothly find duplicates
  • Capable to find duplicates in multiple file formats.
  • Can also find empty files and folders.

Apart from all these features wise duplicate finder also occupies less space on your disk which makes it fit for those who are short of space because of duplicates on the disk.

Available on: Windows

Purchase Wise Duplicate Finder Here

3. Auslogics Duplicate Files Finder

Auslogic Duplicate File Finder

If you are looking for a lightweight software to find duplicates. Working of this tool is a little different from other tools firstly it looks for the files which are having same size then it looks that which all files are similar from the perspective of content of files it saves a lot of time and makes this application handy.

Key features:

  • Smart algorithms save time.
  • Gives you full control over what you want to keep and remove.
  • Suitable for those who are looking for a low-cost alternate.
  • Just take few MBs on your disk.
  • Compatible even with the older version of windows.

If you are having an old computer running on older version of windows, then too you can use this software to remove duplicates.

Available on: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

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4. CloneSpy

clonespy- best duplicate files remover

Clone spy is the next nifty duplicate file finder tool for Windows it quickly searches for duplicate files based on content, name size etc. and gives you sorted results. Interface of this application is very basic and easy to understand. CRC checksum algorithm works fine on this software. If we talk about key features of this application, then here is the list.

  • You can set intensity of duplicity.
  • CSC checksum algorithm works perfectly.
  • You can manually add remove folders before proceeding for a scan.
  • Application is handy and does not take much MBs.

Clone spy can be the easiest way to get rid of duplicates, but you should keep in mind that correct radio buttons are checked otherwise your files will be deleted quickly.

Available on: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

5. Duplicate cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner Pro software- duplicate files cleaner

Unlike other duplicate file cleaner software in this list Duplicate cleaner is available in two versions. Free version is good for basic scanning and duplicate removal and if you have decided to go for deep scanning then you can go for the paid version. With duplicate cleaner you can also scan and clean external drives such as flash drives or an external hard drive.

Key features:

  • Capability to scan external drives.
  • Having dedicated search filters.
  • Dedicated image and audio modes

Apart from these features search option customization also works perfectly in the app to save your time when you remove duplicate files using this software.

Available on: Windows

6. Duplicate Filter Professional


Duplicate filter professional reveals all the details of duplicates on your computer clearly and in charting form. After scanning you get options to move duplicates to recycle bin or to directly clear them out. You can straightway enter date scope file size scope to narrow down the search. When it comes to removing duplicate songs, you can directly filter artists albums and titles. Here are some other features of this software.

  • You can manually enter a part or a complete file name to find its duplicates.
  • Charting makes it easier to understand that what all drives you have scanned and how much duplicates have been found so far
  • You can move selected files to another folder

With all these abilities duplicate file filter tool can also help you to search and remove largest files in all the formats.

Available on: Windows and Mac

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7. Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

ashisoft duplicate file finder

Here is the next duplicate file deleter tool of our list. The best thing about this software is its preview mode in which you can easily preview duplicate files and can decide to delete duplicate files instantly or want to keep them for further sorting. With this you will see paths or all the files which helps you to understand that duplicates are on the local disk or on an external drive. With this software you will never need to compromise with important files because you can keep them in a dedicated protect folder tab.

Some Key features of this product are.

  • Dedicated protect folder tab to protect important files
  • Preview tab makes it easier to choose files for deletion.
  • You can also find unique files which can be a different approach to find duplicates.

This pick in our list of best duplicate file finder tool also gives user ease to choose what they want to keep and what they prefer to delete. At the bottom of the app you can see total number of duplicates and disk space wasted because of them.

Available on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

8. Duplicate file eraser

duplicate file eraser

Duplicate file eraser from soft 112 includes many ways of file comparisons to compare duplicates such as Fast CRC32, MD5, SHA1 etc. This software is compatible with both 64 and 32-bit systems. Multiple language support makes it easier to use it across the globe. Its latest version (2.0.2) is just a file of 1.26 MB which is available to download online from the website.

Key features:

  • Available in most of the popular languages of the world.
  • Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
  • Application is portable because of its small size.

The application is also available for smartphone operating systems such as Android iOS. You can manually choose an algorithm to search for duplicates and to remove duplicate files from your computer.

Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

9. Clone Cleaner

clone cleaner to delete duplicate files

Clone cleaner software group your duplicates together and you can see all the files in a group by clicking on the group title in comparison of other duplicate file remover software in the list it gives you clearer details about all the duplicates found. You can rename a set as per your choice and can save it on the hard drive. Here are some main features of this application.

  • Can work on low disk space.
  • Can find duplicates with same content with different names.
  • Ability to move files to a safe folder.

Pro version of this application is also available which is having capability to exclude sub folders from scanning. The application maintains clear and sorted logs which helps you to identify the pattern of files getting duplicated very often.

Available on:  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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10. Easy Duplicate File Finder

easy duplicate file finder to delete duplicate files

As you can understand by the name itself Easy duplicate finder is a tool to find duplicates easily you can simply drag drop files or can browse for them from any folder on your computer. it can work on both Windows 10 computer or a Mac. You will get a dedicated Undo button in this application which works as emergency exit. It instantly stops all the operations and restore all your files to their place.

Here are the key features of this software.

  • Protects system files and folders automatically from accidental deletion.
  • You can preview all type of files before deletion.
  • Undo button works as life savior if you have selected a folder in error.
  • Capable to delete duplicate files from Dropbox and google drive.

Apart from these features software also claims to have great level of accuracy when it comes to duplicate search.

Available on:  Windows, Mac

Clean duplicate files with the best duplicate file removers on Windows 10, 8, 7

So, these were 10 best duplicate file finder tools for windows users. Different applications have different features some are expert in finding duplicates from the depth of your hard disk while some helps you to preview files before deleting and automatically exclude system folders from deletion. So, if you are fed up of low disk space messages and not getting enough time to get your hard drive sorted then you must try a duplicate file cleaner software.

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