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10 Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Windows to Delete Duplicate Files

Do you know 75% of the computer users worldwide use Windows computers? Yeah! Are you amongst those 75% users? If yes, then you surely must be struggling to keep your system’s hard drive optimized. But ever wonder where on the earth your hard disk space is gone?

Apart from your important data, applications and program, it is also often clogged by duplicate data, cached data, temporary and obsolete files. Whereas all these files silently eat up the disk space, duplicate files are especially hard to find out. They can’t be filtered by using any direct formula on the PC. For this reason, you are compelled to use a duplicate file remover tool. We have complied of list of top 10 best duplicate file finder tools for Windows to delete duplicate files. Here you go:

10 Best Duplicate File Finder:-

1. Duplicate Files Fixer:

duplicate files fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is a simplified tool for Windows, Mac and Android users. It is designed with a striking and clear interface. It scans and detects duplicate files, auto-marks them and delete them in a click. The tool is simple, straight and accurate. It gives a clear preview of all duplicates detected with it. Thus, ensures no wrong file is ever deleted. Duplicate Files Fixer also has seamless personalization options. These alternatives allow users to scan and find duplicates distinctively with file types and their location on the system. The tool is available for free and is compatible with all versions of Windows. Get it here

2. CloneSpy


CloneSpy is a free and nifty duplicate file remover tool for Windows that allows us to search and get rid of duplicates easily. It quickly scans your system and search documents that are not precisely indistinguishable. It detect duplicates by four methods including CRC checksum algorithm, file name, CRC and file name, file name and file size.

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3. SearchMyFiles:


search my files duplicate file finder

SearchMyFiles is another free tool available for Windows users. It includes good options for personalizing scanning. While the tool is advanced with its scanning options, it does lack with speed when compared with other similar tools. However, it’s good for geeks who’d like to see specific results on the results tab.

4. Duplicate Files Finder:


duplicate files finder

Duplicate Files Finder is another handy alternative to find duplicate files. This tool primary looks for the files sharing same size and then compare them for duplicity. In spite of the long process of finding duplicates, this tool is insanely fast.

5. Duplicate Cleaner:

Duplicate Cleaner Pro software

Duplicate Cleaner is available in two versions, a paid and a basic free version. Whereas the paid version offers more and advanced options, the free version provides basic duplicate scanning to the users. Apart from the internal drives of a system, Duplicate Cleaner also supports external disks as well.

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6. SearchForDuplicates:

This is another duplicate file remover software in the list. It simply scans for the duplicate by adding up folder(s) to its home screen. The interface of SearchForDuplicates is good and easy to understand. After finding out duplicates, it segregates them with different colors.

7. Duplicate Filter:

duplicate filter

Duplicate Filter lets you rename, delete and move duplicate files along with scanning them. With all basic ingredients and a few more advanced ones, Duplicate Filter makes up to be a handy tool. You can delete number of duplicate files with it.

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8. Duplicate File Eraser:

duplicate file eraser

This is a tiny tool in the lot. With Duplicate File Eraser, you can add an entire drive for scanning. This makes scanning even easier. Apart from this, it is available for free and is compatible with all versions of Windows.

9. Exact Duplicate Finder:

exact duplicate finder software

This tool uses byte by byte comparison method to find out duplicates. It requires users to specify a path for finding identical files, before it proceeds for scanning. It’s a free tool which is compatible with all major versions of Windows.

10. Easy Duplicate File Finder:

Easy Duplicate Finder for windows

Easy Duplicate File Finder also supports spreadsheets and email formats. This tool helps you find out duplicate images, documents, music, video, emails and spreadsheet at once. The tool also has some customization option for better and personalized scanning. 

These are the 10 best duplicate file finder tools to delete duplicate files. Whereas all of them are good at their functioning, Duplicate Files Fixer is superlative amongst them. It is designed with all significant and essential features including customization, supports all files types along with number of formats of these files, ease of use, striking UI and last but not the least, its accurate and fast at its processing. Get Duplicate Files Fixer to delete abundant of duplicate files from your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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