10 Best Mac Cleaner Software to Optimize your Mac

10 Best Mac Cleaner Software to Optimize your Mac

Have you already updated your OS X to macOS Sierra? Well, might be quite happy with its all new super awesome features. But wait…how about the disk space? You might get saddened with its tiny storage space left. Now you must be wondering where the hell all its memory has gone? Again hold on…we can analyze its usage for you.

The entire disk space is taken away by the apps you have installed, the files you have stored and of course its OS also has a share of it. But these are not the real culprits. If there’s anything you can blame it on, then its duplicates, cache files, unused apps and many more files like this. Worry not, we have listed top 10 Mac optimization apps for your help. These are the best mac cleaning software that will allow you to remove all unwanted apps and files in no time.

10 Best Mac Cleaner and Optimizer

1.     Disk Clean Pro:


This is the best Mac cleaning software. It lets users clean out clutter on their Mac in a jiffy. With its various scanning alternatives, you can scan your Mac for specific files. Let’s say, its One Click Cleaning ensures that all cache, unwanted log, trash files and unfinished downloads are removed in a click. Likewise, it also has scanning options for optimization, and specific manual cleaning. The app is rated with 4.5 stars on Apple App Store by happy users.

2.     DaisyDisk:

daisydisk best mac cleaner

Developed by Software Ambience Corp., DaisyDisk is an app that shows up scanning results in pie chart. Upon launching, the app asks you to select a disk and scans it. It also gives you a clear disk usage figures when clicked on specific colors. Further, the app come up with files that are occupying this space and you can delete these files from there.

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3.     Disk Inventory X:

disk-inventory-x best mac cleaner software

This is another disk cleaning software for Mac. It scans the disk to figure out its usage and shows it up in treemap format which is also indicated with different colors. Users can click on each section and preview all files in each folder, prior to deleting them.

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4.     CleanMyMac 3:

cleanmymac-3 mac cleaner software

CleanMyMac 3 is a later version of CleanMyMac app, developed by MacPaw. Upon launching, you need to scan the disk with this Mac cleaning software. It then comes up with results in different categories like System Junk, iPhoto Junk, iTunes Junk, Trash and more. Once you have previewed your files in each section, you can proceed to delete all unwanted ones.

5.     Dr. Cleaner:


Dr. Cleaner app sorts the disk usage results in categories and sub-categories, after it has been scanned. Like others, this software also let you preview your files and delete them afterwards.

6.     MacCleanse:

maccleanse mac cleaner software

Developed by Koingo Software, Inc., MacCleanse is comprehensive software. It scans your disk thoroughly and lists it results in various categories. The software’s Cleanup chiefly focus on Cache, Logs, Recent Files, Blacklists, Trash, Web and Others.  Along with this, it also tells the estimated total usage of disk for better cleaning.

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7.     CCleaner:

ccleaner best mac cleaner

This Mac optimizer is available in three versions, namely free, professional and professional plus. Successively each version adds up more features for users to analyze their disk usage. For anyone who is looking for free version, the app will only fasten your Mac and protect privacy. Apart from its versions, the app does fine with figuring out unwanted files from various drivers.

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8.     Disk Doctor:

disk-doctor best mac cleaner 2017

Disk Doctor is another app in ‘the best Mac cleaning software’ list. Once Disk Doctor has scanned the disk, it separately mentions its usage in numbers. Along with this, it also lets you recover storage space in a few clicks. The app mainly categories results in Application Caches, Application Logs, Browser Data, Trash Can, Downloads, Mail Downloads and Large Files groups.

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9.     Data Rescue 3:

data-rescue mac cleaner software 2017

Developed by Prosoft Engineering, Data Rescue cleans Mac even for partially functioning drives. It is an easy-to-use software with clear and smart interface. Along with all other of its functions, Data Rescue can also scan external drives to optimize them. Apart from all its good features, the application sometimes lacks in recovering all data in complete. Other than this, it’s a fine application to clean and optimize Mac.

10.     OnyX:

onyx best mac cleaner 2017

OnyX is another free software to analyze and optimize a disk on Mac. The software has basic interface; with which you can figure out the remnant files on your Mac. The application runs good on Mac but it requires different versions to run on different Mac OS Xs.

These are the top 10 cleaning and optimization apps for Mac. Most of them are free, accurate and easy-to-use apps. We’d recommend users to select the application which has intuitive interface along with accuracy, just like Disk Clean Pro.

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