Potential of NanoWorld: Infographic on Nanotechnology

Potential of NanoWorld: Infographic on Nanotechnology

Nano: A prefix that means very, very small. Type “nano” in Google, and your computer explodes. Use the word “nano” in a blog or marketing campaign and you are bound to get an extra attention. This word nano is from the greek word “Nanos” meaning Dwarf. It is a prefix used to describe “one billionth” of something, or 0.000000001.

This ultra-small has the potential to make enormous changes to our lives. The below infographic is will take you through this “NanoWorld”.

 Infographic on Nanotechnology

Parina Hassani is working as a Research Analyst at Systweak Softwares. She researches on the Future Era of Technology. She brings to us this new future face of technology and how it would change our world. Beyond this she has an inclination for fiction novels, exploring different cuisines, anchoring and, confectionery and dessert cooking.

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