5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps – Delete Duplicate Contacts in iPhone

5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover Apps – Delete Duplicate Contacts in iPhone

Thanks to technological advancement, we have wireless communication today. Nonetheless, it is of no use if there aren’t contact numbers on it. Looking at the other side, situation is even creepier when you have contact numbers but they are messed up. More often than not, you have wrong, incomplete and duplicate contacts that apparently create a lot of fuss. Removing or correcting these contacts might seem impossible to you without a nifty app in your device. There are several applications on iTunes that can delete duplicate contact from iPhone in a jiffy. Herein, we have listed 5 best duplicate contact remover apps from iPhone. These will seamlessly remove all zombie, duplicates and all other unwanted contacts for you, in a click.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts in iPhone

  • Tuneup Contacts


Tuneup Contacts is an intuitive app that can perform various functions for you, including merging contacts, deleting duplicates, sharing contacts with friends and family, removing zombie contacts, creating contact groups and backing up your address online for quick restoration. The app also allows you to delete, merge and share batch contacts at once. Tuneup Contacts is available on iTunes and is rated with 5 stars by happy users so, this is one of the best duplicate contact remover app. Get the app and remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone.

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  • Cleaner Pro


Cleaner Pro is another high rated duplicate contact remover app. The app mainly finds and merges duplicate contacts, removes contacts that are saved without any name or number, backup contacts, and help users to find contacts they need, instantly. Developed by YT Development Ltd., Cleaner Pro is rated with 4.5 stars and is available for $2.99 for users.

  • Smart Merge Pro

smart-merge-pro best apps to remove duplicate contacts

This is another contacts filter app by YT Development Ltd. Smart Merge Pro ensures that your address book is smartly managed, without having any duplicity and incomplete contacts. You can also backup your contacts with app and filter them with different title and events. Smart Merge Pro is rated with 4.5 stars and is available in 15 different languages.

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  • Cleanup Duplicate Contacts


Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is another free application to remove replica contacts. Like others, this app also merges duplicate contacts. Other than this, it also scans contacts and provides a detailed report on them. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts manages address book with multiple contact sources like iCloud and Gmail. It also backup all contacts before deleting any.  

  • Contacts Cleanup & Merge Free


Contacts Cleanup & Merge Free scans your address book for duplicate phone number, name and email and merges them in a click. It also finds contacts with no phone number, name and email address. The app never deletes all contacts permanently, instead it keeps them in recycle bin. If users happen to delete any contact, using the app by mistake, they can also retrieve them from recycle bin in a click. The app also supports backup option and quickly scans all contacts for any discrepancies.

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These are the 5 best duplicate contacts remover apps. Though, all five are good with their working and are highly rated by users, we’d recommend users to opt for Tuneup Contacts. We say this because, Tuneup Contacts is the only app that removes duplicate contacts instead of merging them, and hence ensures complete freedom from duplicity.

So now, don’t linger on manual method to delete duplicate contacts from you iPhone, rather pick up the best app for the same!

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    Thomas Johnson June 12, 2017 at 10:53 am My iPhone was full of duplicate contacts so, I had been searching for a solution to delete duplicate contacts from iPhone and I think i landed to the right place so thanks for providing such a nice article now I can get rid of duplicate contacts in my iPhone.
    Jerry Syder August 11, 2017 at 2:20 pm Hey Minal, great post. Out of the 5, which do you believe to be the best.

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