Tour of Virtual Reality Technology – Infographic

Tour of Virtual Reality Technology – Infographic

A new Monday with a new Infographic. Last Monday I took you to the Connected World. Today it’s the turn of Virtual World or Virtual Reality (the popular term). We all have some idea of it and would have seen or used some devices of the type also. Let’s have a look to what this technology actually is and all basics of it.

Tour of Virtual Reality Technology Systweak


In last few years we have seen major developments in this technology. But we cannot move ahead overlooking the challenges of it. Companies are working constantly to improve our experience of the virtual world which is free of all the cyber sickness.

Till we have the developed versions tell me if you would like to know about any other technology or anything in this field that is trending nowadays, through comments and I will include them in my blogs.

Parina Hassani is working as a Research Analyst at Systweak Softwares. She researches on the Future Era of Technology. She brings to us this new future face of technology and how it would change our world. Beyond this she has an inclination for fiction novels, exploring different cuisines, anchoring and, confectionery and dessert cooking.

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